Business Operations

Business Operations contains articles related to business accounting and operating procedures. Ready to go inside the world of finance and operations?

Independent bookstores aren't dead! The buy local, shop local, eat local movement has kicked in and people are demanding the return of small, independent businesses in a world where the giants are trying to rule.

Which drives you crazier when on hold with a company? An endless loop of smooth jazz tunes or hearing "your call is very important" every 10 seconds? Scientists have actually studied what makes waiting on hold worse.

According to a new paper by tech company Polycom, "anywhere working" is on the rise in several countries, and employees recognize its advantages.

With the demise of mall staples like The Limited, the brands hanging on will have to rethink their entire approach to fashion to survive the 'mall-pocalypse.'

Is your cluttered desk a sign of creative genius or just chaos? Experts weigh in on whether either is really a true reflection of how your brain operates.

As more toll roads move away from cash, where does that leave drivers who don't have electronic passes? Or even exact change?

You may be surprised at the types of businesses people have put on wheels. Cigar Lounge, anyone?

In an effort to discourage food waste, some all-you-can-eat buffets are charging diners whose eyes are bigger than their stomachs.

HowStuffWorks Now interviews Rooster Teeth's Burnie Burns at SXSW on how to crowdfund a feature-length film.

A startup app called OneGo aims to find a niche as a provider of all-you-can-fly pricing for domestic air travel, for those who can afford the monthly membership.

Keeping your online business secure requires time and effort, but it's an important task. Keep your business and your customers safe with these tips.

Creating a website can be a pricey proposition for a small business. There are grants out there that can fund website development, but the competition is fierce — and the grants often come with strings attached.

Many companies that used to have dedicated business servers are now switching to cloud-based storage solutions. But cloud computing isn't for everyone, so take a few minutes to read this article before you shut down that server.

Improving Google rankings is an obsession for many businesses, and for good reason — it leads to more clicks, which leads to more customers. What can you do to beef up that all-important ranking?

Whether you own a neighborhood coffee shop or a used car dealership that pulls in a few million, you need make sure that you're smart about your taxes (even if you hire a professional). Ready for a quick crash course?

Corporations: they're just like you and me. Sometimes they overextend themselves financially. How do businesses use bankruptcy to come out from under the rubble – and why are they luckier than people?

It seemed like a good idea when AOL merged with Time Warner. But it wasn't. Here are 10 super bad business decisions and why they seemed really great back in the day.

Sometimes, it can be more affordable to let another business handle some tasks rather than giving them to internal employees. Which jobs get outsourced most frequently?

Corporations raise money for new ventures by selling shares of the company's stock in an IPO, to raise the investment capital. Learn what IPO stands for in this article.

There are several ways for investors to check how profitable a company is before buying stock. Learn what a good price to earnings ratio is in this article.

Businesses can be privately owned, or they can be corporations owned by a number of people. Learn what sole proprietorship is in this article.

Companies that have shareholders can be publicly held or privately held. Learn how privately and publicly held companies are different in this article.

You'd like to wire money overseas, but don't know how to do it. Learn about how to wire money in this article.

There are many ways to measure a company's success, but did you know that there are also many ways to measure those benchmarks? Here are five methods that businesses use to measure one: cash flow.

There are many ways to analyze the financial strength of a company -- some more accurate than others. Is EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) the purest measure of a company's cash flow, or the easiest figure to fudge?