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Don't Waffle On This: Take the Waffle House Quiz

Think you know your scattered from your smothered? Take the Waffle House Quiz and find out your WaHo IQ.

Sure, Amazon's Changed Shopping, But Retailers Can Still Compete

Just 9 percent of all shopping is online, but it's growing fast. Old-school brick-and-mortar stores are trying some new tricks to stay competitive.

Why Buy a Sports Jersey When You Can Rent One?

Why get stuck with a useless jersey when your favorite football star gets traded to another team? A new company lets you switch out shirts as often as you wish.

Is the Meatball Ikea's Secret Weapon? (And Other Surprising Facts)

We explain why Ikea stores are designed like a lazy river, why their meatballs are considered "framing devices" and what's behind those darn flat pack boxes.

How Teen Vogue Began Leading the Resistance

How did this teen magazine go from just covering fashion and beauty to getting lauded for its political coverage?

How Amazon Same-day Delivery Works

Is two days too long to wait for that package? Amazon's counting on it.

10 Companies That Completely Reinvented Themselves

Not every buggy whip company died with the advent of the motorcar. Some nimble businesses are able to reinvent themselves to keep pace with modern life. You might be surprised at what some of today's biggest companies used to do.

10 Trade Secrets We Wish We Knew

Protected by legal agreements, fail-safes and vaults, the world’s most valuable trade secrets rake in millions of dollars for their owners. Here are 10 lucrative legends.

How Kickstarter Works

Do you need a little money to finally finish your debut novel? How about a few bucks for reshoots on your documentary? Thanks to Kickstarter, you can use crowdsourcing to get that project done.

Can you get rich selling stuff online?

Surely you've seen one or two infomercials that promise you can make millions by selling stuff online. But like most of those late-night offers, it seems too good to be true. So, is it possible to make a fortune selling things on eBay or other online stores?

Are the Golden Arches really supposed to be giant french fries?

That golden icon is embedded in our brains whether we like it or not. Wouldn't it be good to finally know what it means, if anything?

10 Unusual Items from McDonald's International Menu

Would you like some french fries with that McArabia, sir? Or a soda to wash down that -- porridge? The golden arches may look the same globally, but the menu sure doesn't.

10 Most Popular McDonald's Menu Items of All Time

If you can name the sandwich behind the jingle that starts, "Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese," then you already have one out of 10. What else makes the cut?

Top 10 Influential Business Models

What guarantees a company's success? Celebrity endorsements? A high influx of customers? Profitable stocks? Without a solid business model, any company can crumble into oblivion after riding the tide of good fortune.

How Better Business Bureaus Work

Nothing can be more humiliating than getting ripped off. Finding worthy mechanics, contractors, doctors and more can be like rolling dice. But how do Better Business Bureaus really know which one's are reputable?

Corporate Life Pictures

Corporate life has it's share of benefits, so why do so many cubicle-dwellers complain? From office politics to brownnosing to noise pollution, our image gallery shows off the good and bad of the corporate life.

5 Failed McDonald's Menu Items

Now you see it, now you don't. That's usually how new menu items hit the market -- with a thud. McDonald's has had its share of not-so-successful sandwiches.

How McDonald's Works

No matter what critics say about McDonald's, some people are loyal fans. The familiar taste is easy on the wallet. But what's the secret to Mickey D's success?

How Ikea Works

You enter the cavernous store on a Saturday afternoon only to emerge hours later with a belly full of meatballs and trunk full of furnishings. How did Ikea become a cult shopping experience, with a catalog that's allegedly printed more than the Bible?

How YouTube Works

YouTube is a community website that streams about 200 trillion bytes of information a day as people watch videos. How does the company handle the content?

How Craigslist Works

Whether you're looking for a job, apartment or motorcycle, chances are you've consulted Craigslist. Craigslist started as an electronic community newsletter but has become the go-to site for users in 450 communities worldwide.

9 Most Successful Fast-Food Chains

Quick -- grab a piece of paper. Can you name the nine most successful fast food joints off the top of your head? More food for thought: where did your favorite land on the list?

Who's the new richest person in the world?

A billionaire from Mexico has taken over the top spot on the list of the world's richest. Find out who Carlos Slim Helu is and where all his money came from.

How Coca-Cola Works

Coca-Cola is one of the world's most-recognized brands. Learn about the history of Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola's development and the impact Coca-Cola has on pop culture.

How UPS Works

We all recognize those trusted brown trucks, but how much do we know about them? For example, did you know UPS can deliver to 80 percent of the planet within 48 hours? Find out more cool facts, watch a video and see pictures of how UPS works!