Mentos and Miss Cleo: The '90s Commercials Quiz

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Mentos and Miss Cleo: The '90s Commercials Quiz
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You know the grunge hits. You know the Nicktoons. But how well do you know the glitzy, creative and downright weird TV commercials that helped define the 1990s? Grab a bag of fruit gushers and let's find out!
Michael Bay once directed a TV spot that used the Aaron Burr-Alexander Hamilton duel to advertise what product?
A 1993 installment in the "Got Milk?" campaign, this ad gave us the classic (mumbled) line "Aaawon Buwwwwh!"
nerf guns
What All-American beer had three amphibian spokesmen back in the mid-'90s?
Samuel Adams
Say it with us: "Bud" "Weis" "Er." (Come on, you remember those frogs!)
In a 1993 ad, which NBA great challenges Michael Jordan to a game of one-on-one over a Big Mac?
Larry Bird
Bird had recently hung up the sneakers, retiring from the league after spending 13 seasons with the Boston Celtics.
Magic Johnson
Patrick Ewing


Which restaurant chain was behind the "Baby Back! Baby Back!" TV jingle?
Outback Steakhouse
OK, so technically this premiered in 1986. But TV audiences couldn't get away from it back in the '90s. Not that anyone wanted to.
This Super Bowl ad from '92 was so iconic, it's been revived twice, with updates. Which soda was it for?
Cindy Crawford wore a white tank top and cutoffs while drinking Pepsi at a gas station in '92. In 2002 she went back to the same gas station for a Diet Pepsi ad, this time with two small kids in the back of her vehicle. The 2018 version featured her 18-year-old son Presley.
Dr. Pepper
Two of these quotes are vintage Taco Bell slogans – but the other one most definitely isn't. Can you find the odd catchphrase out?
"¡Comer fresca!"
Fun fact: Taco Bell's live chihuahua mascot was played by a dog named Gidget. You might've also seen her in "Legally Blonde 2."
"¡Drop the chalupa!"
"¡Viva gorditas!"


The animated characters in retro "Hungry, Hungry Hippos" ads used to perform what popular dance?
the Macarena
the worm
the conga line
Those cartoon hippos used to form a conga line while singing, "We're hungry, hungry hip-pos! We love to feed our face. We're hungry hungry hip-pos! We're in an eating race." Catchy, ain't it?
These annoying commercials usually featured a person or couple in some sort of jam that was only solved after they had popped one of these candies for inspiration.
And popping the Mento was usually followed by the actor giving a cheesy thumbs-up. The commercials were so ubiquitous, they were parodied in a Foo Fighters video and mentioned in the movie "Clueless."
What beverage called itself "liquid cool?"
Some ad agency thought it'd be a good idea to drive the point home by having skateboarders liquify on-camera. At least they changed back.
Hawaiian Punch


What was psychic Miss Cleo's famous tag line?
"I can help you!"
"Hey mon!"
"Call me now!"
Yes, Miss Cleo with her fake Jamaican accent was a staple of late-night TV commercials, imploring listeners to call her for psychic advice – at $5 per minute.
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