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The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in huge increases of Americans filing for unemployment benefits. But why do the amounts given vary so much across states? And can states run out of money?

By Dave Roos

The easiest thing is probably not to do it, but it's almost impossible. Can a company forbid those discussions? We talk with an expert on how to have a civil political discussion at work.

By Dave Roos

You can learn about leadership in the darnedest of places. Like the 1980s television program "The Transformers."

By Christian Sager


Rooftop gardens and nap pods sound cool, but that's not what employees really value, nor do they help the bottom line, say experts.

By Dave Roos

In February 2013, Yahoo employees found a surprising e-mail in their inboxes –- no more teleworking. Remaining Yahoo folks will start being "physically together" in the office come June. Was decreased productivity behind this now infamous move?

By John Perritano

When making an employee schedule, find out who's available when, have employees fill in their preferred hours and then you fill in the rest. Learn how to make an employee schedule in this article.

By HowStuffWorks.com Contributors

Most workers in the United States are paid by the hour, which means if they work more than 40 hours in a week, they get paid overtime. Does that make them work harder?

By Dave Roos


Even in a wealthy nation like the United States, unemployment is an unavoidable fact of life. What makes the rate high and what should you do if you lose your job?

By Jacob Silverman & Becky Striepe

Wages are much more than a paycheck. Learn about everything you need to know about wages, including the Fair Labor Standards Act, types of pay, the minimum wage debate, payroll taxes and what FICA is.

By Jacob Silverman

Workers compensation helps millions of workers who suffer on the job illness or injury. Learn how workers compensation pays for medical care and rehabilitation.

By Jacob Silverman

There’s no company without employees. How can you attract the best job candidates? Offer the best compensation and benefits package, of course. Find out how to set up an effective reward system.

By Lee Ann Obringer