5 Tips for Setting Up Your Employee Benefits

One of the most important tasks you'll have when you start a new job is to choose benefits that will save you money. See more investing pictures.
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After defending your smarts in front of people who seem more like FBI interrogators than potential employers, you finally receive the good news: You got the job! The relief is only temporary, though. Now you have to box up everything you own and move it. After choosing a place to live in an unfamiliar city, you must unpack all your things and then -- oh yeah -- start that new job.

Your first day begins with a barrage of introductions and a visit with the HR manager, who tosses a formidably thick handbook on the table and asks that you make your choices by the end of the week. With all the other stresses you have to deal with, it's easy to just pick something and be done with it.

But don't do that! If you make smart decisions, you could save yourself hundreds, even thousands of dollars a year.