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How Inventory Management Systems Work

Retailers replenish stock with automatic programs. Learn how inventory management systems work.

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  • 10 Egregiously Bad Sports Contracts
    10 Egregiously Bad Sports Contracts

    It may not seem that way all the time, but professional athletes are generally worth every penny they make -- except when agents and general managers hand out overpriced contracts like candy. Here are 10 of the worst. See more »

  • 10 Great Moments in Corporate Malfeasance
    10 Great Moments in Corporate Malfeasance

    Want to make lots of money? What are you willing to do for it? Some people work hard and network their way to the top; others lie, cheat, steal and trample over the rights of ordinary people. Here are 10 egregious examples of corporate malfeasance. See more »

  • 10 Popular Jobs to Outsource
    10 Popular Jobs to Outsource

    Sometimes, it can be more affordable to let another business handle some tasks rather than giving them to internal employees. Which jobs get outsourced most frequently? See more »

  • 10 Recession-proof Businesses
    10 Recession-proof Businesses

    During an economic downturn, job seekers look for businesses that are likely to weather the storm. But is any business truly recession-proof? See more »

  • 10 Restaurant Chains That Flopped
    10 Restaurant Chains That Flopped

    If you're hungry for a Lums steamed hotdog or some Chi-Chi's nachos, too bad. Those chains no longer exist. Maybe that's bound to happen when, say, two guys from Minnesota with Scottish-sounding names try to open up a Mexican restaurant chain? See more »

  • 5 Ways that Businesses Measure Cash Flow
    5 Ways that Businesses Measure Cash Flow

    There are many ways to measure a company's success, but did you know that there are also many ways to measure those benchmarks? Here are five methods that businesses use to measure one: cash flow. See more »

  • Bad Sports Contracts Quiz
    Bad Sports Contracts Quiz

    Test your knowledge of the worst sports contract catastrophes of the past 30 years. If you don't know an answer, here's a hint: the most ridiculous option is almost always right! See more »

  • Can online scheduling services save time and money?
    Can online scheduling services save time and money?

    Online services are popular, but how useful are they? Can electronic scheduling really improve a company's productivity and save it time and money? See more »

  • Cash Flow Quiz
    Cash Flow Quiz

    Before you invest a dime in the stock market, you need to learn the ins and outs of financial reports, those enigmatic quarterly statements that read like Greek translated into Klingon. Then test your knowledge with our cash flow quiz. See more »

  • EBITDA Quiz
    EBITDA Quiz

    As if Wall Street investing wasn't confusing enough, companies fill their earnings reports with conflicting metrics and lots of baffling acronyms. Test your knowledge of EBITDA, a controversial measurement of a company's financial health. See more »

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