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How WIC Works

The Women, Infants and Children program helps ensure that needy families are getting the nutrition they need. How do people qualify for the program and what does it provide?

How Occupy Wall Street Works

Initially dismissed as an isolated, disjointed protest organized by leftist radicals, the Occupy Wall Street movement has gained traction all across the world. Who are these protestors, really, and what do they stand for?

Is it true that only 53 percent of Americans pay income tax?

According to conservative opponents to the Occupy Wall Street movement, only 53 percent of Americans pay income tax. Is this true -- and does it matter?

Is it true that 1 percent of Americans control a third of the wealth?

You've heard a lot lately about the super-wealthy 1 percent and the 99 percent fighting them for a sliver of the American economic pie. But do 1 percent of Americans really control a full third of all wealth in the U.S.? Yes ... and no.

10 Compelling Humanitarian Aid Missions

Earthquakes, floods, mudslides and other events inspire people to help those affected by the disasters. Which monumental happenings truly spurred others into action?

10 Recession Era Scams

During a recession, people are trying to find jobs and hold on to their homes. It's the perfect time for scammers to exploit the fears and concerns of those affected by the poor economic climate.

Top 10 Countries in the Red

Countries around the world, collectively, have run up at least $40 trillion in debt, but some are worse off than others. Which nations have the largest slices of that massive debt pie?

How Margin Accounts Work

If you ever get a chance to buy a blue-chip stock, you'd jump on it -- but what if you can't afford to buy all the shares you'd like? You can open a margin account and borrow the money, but be careful: You can go completely broke if things go south.

10 Boom Towns that Went Bust

Some places rise in a blaze of glory, growing and flourishing to become the envy of the world. Other towns seem destined for success -- until their luck runs out.

What is a margin call?

If you've seen the end of the film "Trading Places," you know the potential outcome of a margin call. What is this terrifying thing -- and how do investors end up having to pay one?

How to Create a Gardening Service Learning Project

You want to create a gardening service learning project, but you're not sure how to do it. Learn about how to create a gardening service learning project in this article.

What was the economic impact of September 11?

It's hard to quantify the economic impact of the events of Sept. 11, 2001 -- and pretty much impossible to tally the emotional cost of that fateful day. How did the events of 9/11 affect the U.S. economically?

How to Apply for Federal Home Improvement Grants

Your home is in dire need of renovations, and you would like to apply for a federal home improvement grant. Learn about how to apply for a federal home improvement grant in this article.

How to Start a Youth Center

You'd like to start a youth center, but don't know where to begin. Learn about how to start a youth center in this article.

How to Start a Food Pantry

You'd like to start a food pantry, but don't know where to begin. Learn about how to start a food pantry in this article.

How to Get Power of Attorney

It's sometimes necessary to get power of attorney. Learn about how to get power of attorney in this article.

How Conflict Minerals Work

The gold, tin, tantalum and tungsten inside your gadgets are necessary to make them work. But if these elements come from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, they may have been mined with forced labor.

How Gentrification Works

How did once run-down neighborhoods like Times Square and the Bowery become such gleaming jewels of New York City geography? It took time, but a process known as gentrification transformed these areas into some of the hottest properties in New York.

How to Start a Homeless Shelter

There's always a need for someone to start a homeless shelter, especially in large cities. Learn about how to start a homeless shelter in this article.

How to Write an Affidavit

You'd like to present your facts to the court in a legal document, but don't know how to write an affidavit. Learn about how to write an affidavit in this article.

How to Start a Food Drive

You'd like to start a food drive to help the needy in your area, but you're not sure how to go about this. Read here how to start a food drive.

How to Trademark a Phrase

If you have a product or service and want to use a catchy phrase to attract customers, it's a good idea to learn how to trademark the phrase. Read this article to learn how to trademark a phrase.

Does the Peace Corps want retired volunteers?

When we think of the Peace Corps, we think of fresh-faced college grads heading off to make the world a better place. But is this an accurate depiction of today's Peace Corps volunteer?

10 Best Volunteer Activities in Retirement

With men and women living longer and healthier lives, retirement no longer means wasting away the day in rocking chair. Today's retirees are active and full of life and many are using volunteerism as a way support causes close to their hearts.

Top 5 Volunteer Organizations for Retirees

More than 23 percent of boomers age 65 and older volunteer in their communities, and there are some pretty cool benefits -- in addition to the warm fuzzy feelings. Check out five of the most interesting volunteer organizations for boomers.