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How Do I Know if There's a Lien on My Property?

If you buy anything via a loan, like a house or car, the bank puts a lien on that property until it is paid off. But liens can also be placed on your property by other folks and without your consent, depending on circumstances.

Who Qualifies for Alimony These Days?

Alimony is on the decline in the U.S. but can still bring out a highly emotional response during divorce. Here's what you need to know about alimony.

The Fight Over the Right to Repair Rages On

The right to repair movement advocates for consumers' rights to repair and modify their own products. Who would be against that? We'll explain.

How to Find Out If You Have a Warrant

Worried there might be a warrant out for your arrest? How can you find out for sure?

Cash Bail Punishes Poor, But What's the Alternative?

The U.S.'s long-standing cash bail system produces two very different outcomes depending on how much money the defendant can scrape together.

Do Taxi Drivers Overcharge Business Travelers? One Study Investigates

A new study examined the morality of cab drivers — in Athens, Greece — when dealing with business travelers.

Can You Buy Your Own Debt for Pennies on the Dollar?

John Oliver paid off medical debt for 9,000 Americans. But could you buy your own debt on the cheap?

Would legalization make marijuana cheaper?

One of the subjects that comes into play when people discuss the legalization of marijuana is the cost. How will the law impact the economics of marijuana?

How can the U.S. government sue a business?

Every now and then we read about the government going after a corporation for some crime. How do they decide who to prosecute and why?

How to Apply for Federal Home Improvement Grants

Your home is in dire need of renovations, and you would like to apply for a federal home improvement grant. Learn about how to apply for a federal home improvement grant in this article.

How to Get Power of Attorney

It's sometimes necessary to get power of attorney. Learn about how to get power of attorney in this article.

How to Write an Affidavit

You'd like to present your facts to the court in a legal document, but don't know how to write an affidavit. Learn about how to write an affidavit in this article.

How to Trademark a Phrase

If you have a product or service and want to use a catchy phrase to attract customers, it's a good idea to learn how to trademark the phrase. Read this article to learn how to trademark a phrase.

How Class Action Lawsuits Work

Everyone loves the underdog -- until the underdog fights back, that is. But what happens when a bunch of them decide to take on the big Kahuna? In the legal world, that's what happens when a class action lawsuit is filed.

How to Get Emancipated

You can get emancipated by being freed from slavery, by turning 18 and becoming an adult, or by being granted emancipation by a juvenile court. Learn about how to get emancipated in this article.

How to Write a Lease Agreement

Writing a legally binding lease agreement will allow you to protect your property. Learn about how to write a lease agreement in this article.

10 Overturned Supreme Court Cases

The Supreme Court may be the highest court in the land, but it can admit that it's wrong sometimes. It doesn't happen often, but here are 10 Supreme Court cases that were overturned.

10 Most Important U.S. Supreme Court Cases for Journalists

The founding fathers felt that the press had a special job -- so special that they gave journalists the freedom to do their work. The Supreme Court has since expanded to include other liberties, but there have been some growing pains along the way.

What's the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection?

A common consumer reaction to American bank bailouts in 2008 and 2009 was, "Where's my bailout?" The Wall Street reform bill signed into law in July 2010 doesn't bail out strapped citizens, but it does provide some additional consumer protections.

How Insider Trading Works

Insider trading has a notorious and unsavory reputation, but few people know that it's a legal -- but tightly regulated -- act that takes place every single day. When does insider trading cross the line into illegal territory?

Is It Unlawful to Remove the Tag From Your Mattress?

Most of us have heard that we're not supposed to remove the tags from our mattresses or pillows because it violates some kind of law. But what's the real story?

10 Outrageous Lawsuits

Some folks go to court about things that make most of us shake our heads. For example, consider the man who sued himself for $5 million. Can it get more outrageous?

How Bail Works

We hope you'll never need to know the ins-and-outs of getting out of jail. Bail allows people to leave jail and continue their lives while awaiting trial. How does the bail system work?

How Copyrights Work

Copyrights are the one of the only forms of intellectual property that have historical basis in the Constitution. All other forms rely on common or statutory law for enforcement. Learn how they work.

How Trademarks Work

A trademark is concerned with a company's need to identify its goods or services among its customers and potential customers. Trademarks, such as Nike or Coca Cola, are known throughout the world.