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The Charity and Good Will Channel explores how money can be used for the greater good. Read inspiring stories and learn about charity in these articles.

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Many Americans donate to charities that help military veterans. Here's how to choose the organizations that provide the most help to those who need it.

By Brian Mittendorf

Ditch the razor for 30 days and let your hair grow for a bro. Just do it with No Shave November and Movember so you can raise money and save a dude's life.

By Madison Palmer

How can you tell if a charity is actually effective? Is it better to give one big donation or several small ones? We look at five of the most-asked questions about charity giving.

By Dave Roos


Would you like to round up your purchase for charity? Those small donations are big money for nonprofits and the businesses that do the soliciting. But not every shopper likes being asked. So, what's the right way to run these campaigns?

By Dave Roos

The tiny house movement is providing homes for people who need shelter.

By Carrie Tatro

Fifty vacuum-packed frogs, a wedding gown and an actual human skull. These are just a few of the world's best lost-and-found items.

By Laurie L. Dove

Is it better to give cash or goods? And which organizations should you support? Find out the best ways to really help people in times of disaster.

By Dave Roos


Fewer people carry cash, preferring to pay with cards or smartphone apps. What impact does that have on those who rely on pocket change?

By Patrick J. Kiger

It's time to replace your jalopy. You know it isn't worth much, but should you sell it anyway and maybe make a few bucks, or should you donate it to charity to get a tax break?

By Cherise Threewitt

It's impossible to keep a straight face when you see a grown man in a fez driving an itty-bitty car. But the Shriners actually do some pretty serious work.

By Debra Ronca

Giving Tuesday is a day for giving back. Learn more about Giving Tuesday in this video from HowStuffWorks.


News about a hurricane or tornado far away impels us to want to help the survivors. But is there a right way and a wrong way to do this? Can a donation be worse than doing nothing at all?

By Dave Roos

The Women, Infants and Children program helps ensure that needy families are getting the nutrition they need. How do people qualify for the program and what does it provide?

By Amber Pittman

You'd like to start a youth center, but don't know where to begin. Learn about how to start a youth center in this article.

By Contributors

You'd like to start a food pantry, but don't know where to begin. Learn about how to start a food pantry in this article.

By Contributors


There's always a need for someone to start a homeless shelter, especially in large cities. Learn about how to start a homeless shelter in this article.

By Contributors

Your friend inherited a large sum of money and would like to create a scholarship fund. This article will try to explain how to create that scholarship fund.

By Contributors

For many years, there's been a bit of a stigma attached to food stamps. But with recent economic turmoil, views have changed and participation in the program has increased. After improvements and a significant overhaul, the program doesn't just have a new face -- it has a "snappy" new name, too.

By Colleen Cancio

Some wealthy people do more with their money than just buy more things. Some people set up foundations to provide aid to notable causes. Learn who's funding 10 of the largest foundations in the world.

By the Editors of Publications International, Ltd.


The Peace Corps provides foreign aid to developing nations in the form of expertise, education and training. Learn what the Peace Corps does, how you can join and where it might take you.

By Ed Grabianowski

The BRICK Awards honor young people for public service work in the areas of community building, education and environment, health and global impact. Meet the 2007 winners.

A summer job changed not only 2007 BRICK Award winner Jennifer Staple's life, but also the lives of 400,000 people around the world. Her organization, Unite for Sight, is a global eye care provider.

A survivor of Liberia's civil war, 2007 BRICK Award Winner Kimmie Weeks vowed to help other children caught in war-torn countries.


What problem in the world really stinks? What can you do to change it? For many, the first question is easy to answer, but the second one is difficult. Learn how Do Something inspires and helps young people make a difference.

After Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast of the United States, most of us saw what the Red Cross can do -- and what it cannot do. Learn about the functions and history of the American Red Cross.

By Ed Grabianowski