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What would a moneyless world look like?

For the people of Anuta, money is an afterthought, not a reason for being. How does a gift economy work, and can generosity and gratitude alone really keep a community going?

What's the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection?

A common consumer reaction to American bank bailouts in 2008 and 2009 was, "Where's my bailout?" The Wall Street reform bill signed into law in July 2010 doesn't bail out strapped citizens, but it does provide some additional consumer protections.

How Food Stamps Work

For many years, there's been a bit of a stigma attached to food stamps. But with recent economic turmoil, views have changed and participation in the program has increased. After improvements and a significant overhaul, the program doesn't just have a new face -- it has a "snappy" new name, too.

How Planning a Charity Event Works

Every charity organization faces the same problem: stretching the budget to help everyone in need. Hosting a charity event is a great way to raise funds for an organization whose cause you support. Here's how.

How Charity Boards Work

A charity organization can't function without its board. Board members make important financial decisions for the nonprofit. How much power does it have in allocating funds?

What is a charitable trust?

As the saying goes, you can't take your money with you when you die. If you admire the kind of charitable contributions made by people like Bill and Melinda Gates, maybe you should set up a trust of your own.

How is a charity different from a foundation?

The terms charity and foundation are often used interchangeably. But even though the two types of groups are both considered nonprofit organizations by the Internal Revenue Service, there are some slight differences that set them apart.

What rules do charities have to follow?

During tough economic times, charities and other nonprofits can and have to stretch each dollar -- but not without strict oversight. What guidelines do you have to follow if your organization is considered a charity?

10 of the Biggest IPOs in History

Initial public offerings are as high as high finance gets. When popular, formerly private companies decide to offer shares of their stock to the public, the price of that stock can skyrocket. Here are 10 companies whose IPOs reached the stratosphere.

What is stagflation and why is it so dangerous?

It might seem impossible for a stagnant economy and high inflation rates to coexist, but that exact situation -- known as stagflation -- existed in the 1970s. Could it happen again? How can it be prevented?

10 Biggest IPO Flops in History

Initial public offerings often serve as a company's coming out party. Investors line up to purchase newly offered stock, sending the stock price -- and the company's net worth -- into the stratosphere.

Are blood diamonds making a comeback?

Diamond mining has long been associated with war, death and greed. The Kimberley Process made it possible to regulate the diamond market, but is it on the brink of collapse?

How much actual money is there in the world?

The Federal Reserve is responsible for tracking all of the money in circulation and on deposit in the United States. That's a formidable job for just one country, so how does one count all of the money in the world?

Which economic bubble will be next to burst?

An economic bubble forms when an asset is allowed to irrationally increase in value before crashing down to earth and leaving a financial mess behind. As the global economy continues its freefall, people are waiting for the next bubble to pop.

How Insider Trading Works

Insider trading has a notorious and unsavory reputation, but few people know that it's a legal -- but tightly regulated -- act that takes place every single day. When does insider trading cross the line into illegal territory?

How Microlending Works

Capitalism revolves around the entrepreneurial spirit: Anyone willing to work hard enough to succeed will do so. However, that's easier said than done, especially in the developing world. That's where microlending comes in.

5 Successful Counterfeiters

It doesn't take much skill to steal, but printing and using fake currency requires some finesse. Counterfeiting has become something of a lost art over the years, and you're about to meet five of its best practitioners.

How the Association of Junior Leagues International Works

Many of us associate the Junior League with high-society refinement, but these women are right in the thick of volunteerism. A legacy steeped in myth and some famous members make the Junior League a fascinating organization.

How Works is a new, federally sponsored online resource for volunteers across America. To find volunteer opportunities all over the country, all you have to do is enter your zip code.

How to Volunteer in a Nursing Home

Nursing homes don't have to be depressing places. If you have an outgoing personality and enjoy interacting with people, you might try volunteering in a nursing home and letting some light into someone else's life.

How to Volunteer Nursing Services

Professional burnout is pretty common in the nursing world. One way to regain your love of nursing is to volunteer your services and help the people who need it most.

Can you be a professional volunteer?

Say you want to dedicate your life to public service. It's a noble path to take, but there are practical considerations. How will you pay for rent and food? Can you build a career on volunteerism?

How to Volunteer with the President of the United States

When the President of the United States issues a call to service, it's hard to say no. You can volunteer with the POTUS within your own community -- we'll show you how.

How to Volunteer with the United Nations

Most of us have heard of the Peace Corps, but did you know that a related organization -- the United Nations -- engages thousands of volunteers yearly in more than 144 countries?

How the Student Conservation Association Works

Are you interested in helping preserve the environment, but you're not quite sure how or where to get started? The Student Conservation Association offers hundreds of conservation service opportunities to high school and college students.