10 Black Friday Horror Stories

Trinh Pham, 22, of Arlington, appears exhausted as she waits in line at a Target in Allen, Texas on Thanksgiving night, 2010. © David Woo/Dallas Morning News/Corbis

The 4 a.m. chill settles into your bones. You're on a mission, running a well-crafted strategy through your mind again and again. As you visualize the path you'll take into battle, the action draws near. Chuffing warm breath into your hands, you try to stay loose. It's a last-ditch effort to stave off a milieu of emotional and physical states: excitement, fear, adrenaline, fatigue. Now is the time for singular focus.

It's Black Friday.

The line you've been queuing in for the last 45 minutes is starting to morph from orderly to insanity as everyone makes a break for the just-opened store doors. Whether you'll be one of the first few to snag a door prize remains to be seen. It's every shopper for himself. This is war.

We're not sure why ordinarily rational Americans lose their minds at the thought of picking up electronics at big discounts on the day after Thanksgiving. Perhaps the lack of sleep and the adrenaline rush from fighting crowds have something to do with it. To illustrate, we've uncovered 10 fascinating and terrifying Black Friday stories, just in time for your holiday shopping adventures.