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Top 5 Volunteer Vacations for Retirees

The freedom of retirement offers the perfect opportunity to donate your time and skills to a worthy cause. Volunteer vacations for retirees are rewarding and big on impact.

10 Baby Boomer Volunteer Opportunities

The baby boomer generation is approaching retirement age, and these energetic folks are looking for ways to stay active. If a return to the workforce isn't in the cards, here are 10 great volunteer opportunities for baby boomers.

5 Active Ways for Baby Boomers to Volunteer

If you're an active baby boomer looking for a way to give back to the community that's been so good to you, you're in luck. Volunteer opportunities abound for fit folks who want to do some good. Here are five examples.

How to Create a Scholarship Fund

Your friend inherited a large sum of money and would like to create a scholarship fund. This article will try to explain how to create that scholarship fund.

How does President Obama plan to fix the federal deficit?

On April 13, 2011, President Barack Obama proposed a plan for reducing the United State's debt and strengthen its fiscal reputation. But what does it really take to save sums of money so large they hardly seem real?

How to Write a Grant Proposal

The best way for a person or organization to get funding for a program or project is by writing a grant proposal. Read this article to learn how to write a grant proposal.

How Class Action Lawsuits Work

Everyone loves the underdog -- until the underdog fights back, that is. But what happens when a bunch of them decide to take on the big Kahuna? In the legal world, that's what happens when a class action lawsuit is filed.

How to Register For Toys For Tots

Register for Toys for Tots, and make the holidays a time your children will never forget. Learn about how to register for Toys for Tots in this article.

How to Start a Foundation

Starting a foundation enables you to make grants and distribute funding to charities, people and organizations. This article shows you how to start your own foundation.

How Collective Bargaining Agreements Work

We often hear about high-end contract negotiations in the entertainment world, but it's easy to forget that these rich guys are still laborers working under the auspices of a union. But how does the regular working stiff handle these negotiations?

How to Get Emancipated

You can get emancipated by being freed from slavery, by turning 18 and becoming an adult, or by being granted emancipation by a juvenile court. Learn about how to get emancipated in this article.

How to Write a Lease Agreement

Writing a legally binding lease agreement will allow you to protect your property. Learn about how to write a lease agreement in this article.

10 Signs the Economy Is Improving

According to some economists, the most recent U.S. recession ended in June 2009, but why can't we see it? It may surprise you to learn that the economy is showing signs of life, and here are 10 of the most vital.

10 Unforeseen Effects of Deregulation

Remember when airlines served full meals or when you could hear your favorite up-and-coming band on mainstream radio? Those days are gone thanks to governmental deregulation. Here are a few other effects of deregulation that we didn't see coming.

What is a double-dip recession?

If you think recessions are scary, could you imagine entering another one right after it ends? The idea of a double-dip recession scares the pants off most consumers and economists, but would we know the warning signs?

10 Overturned Supreme Court Cases

The Supreme Court may be the highest court in the land, but it can admit that it's wrong sometimes. It doesn't happen often, but here are 10 Supreme Court cases that were overturned.

How does ATM skimming work?

In 2008, more than $1 billion was stolen via ATM skimming. So exactly how does it work and how can you protect yourself?

How Food Banks Work

As you peruse TLC Cooking to pick out dinner for tonight, there are many men and women out there who wonder if they will have any food at all to serve their families. This is where food banks come into play -- and they need your help.

10 Most Important U.S. Supreme Court Cases for Journalists

The founding fathers felt that the press had a special job -- so special that they gave journalists the freedom to do their work. The Supreme Court has since expanded to include other liberties, but there have been some growing pains along the way.

Has the free enterprise system prevailed?

Free enterprise means unfettered industry powered by profit-focused individuals. But after the labor and finance abuses of the Gilded Age, many people felt the men at the top got too much of the pie. Where are we now?

What would a moneyless world look like?

For the people of Anuta, money is an afterthought, not a reason for being. How does a gift economy work, and can generosity and gratitude alone really keep a community going?

What's the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection?

A common consumer reaction to American bank bailouts in 2008 and 2009 was, "Where's my bailout?" The Wall Street reform bill signed into law in July 2010 doesn't bail out strapped citizens, but it does provide some additional consumer protections.

How Food Stamps Work

For many years, there's been a bit of a stigma attached to food stamps. But with recent economic turmoil, views have changed and participation in the program has increased. After improvements and a significant overhaul, the program doesn't just have a new face -- it has a "snappy" new name, too.

How Planning a Charity Event Works

Every charity organization faces the same problem: stretching the budget to help everyone in need. Hosting a charity event is a great way to raise funds for an organization whose cause you support. Here's how.

How Charity Boards Work

A charity organization can't function without its board. Board members make important financial decisions for the nonprofit. How much power does it have in allocating funds?