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9 of the Weirdest Lost-and-found Items in the World

Fifty vacuum-packed frogs, a wedding gown and an actual human skull. These are just a few of the world's best lost-and-found items.

Could a Corporation Have Its Own Entire City?

Amazon does everything else, so why not own a city, too? If all goes according to plan, Amazon The City may be coming to a municipality near you.

5 Donation Tips for (Really) Helping Disaster Victims

Is it better to give cash or goods? And which organizations should you support? Find out the best ways to really help people in times of disaster.

Neighbor-spoofing Robocalls Are the New Nuisance

People are being bombarded by telemarketing calls with numbers that look local, but aren't. The FCC is cracking down on these scammers.

Do Hurricanes Help Local Economies in the Long Run?

Spending goes up on construction and repairs after a disaster. But experts say it doesn't make the local economy better.

Are Money and Religion More Similar Than We Realize?

We place faith in our money and financial systems. But have we put so much faith in them that we're not equate money and religion — or money to, ahem, our eternal salvation?

Taking a Photo of Something Makes Donating It Easier

New research posits a simple way to get rid of household clutter and keep your precious memories: Snap a picture.

U.S. Politicians Prioritize Coal Mining Jobs Above Other Industries, Despite Data

U.S. politicians talk a lot about trying to save coal mining jobs, while saying little about losses in significantly larger sectors like retail. Why the disconnect?

Estonia's e-Residency Gives Brexit Businesses a Way to Stay in the EU

Post-Brexit, applications for Estonia's e-Residency program are soaring. But what does becoming an Estonian e-Resident actually allow you to do?

Do Taxi Drivers Overcharge Business Travelers? One Study Investigates

A new study examined the morality of cab drivers — in Athens, Greece — when dealing with business travelers.

How Will Panhandlers Fare as Our Economy Goes Cashless?

Fewer people carry cash, preferring to pay with cards or smartphone apps. What impact does that have on those who rely on pocket change?

The Bootstrap Myth: Climbing the Economic Ladder Takes More Than Hard Work

Saying that all it takes to succeed in the U.S. is effort and personal responsibility is an oversimplification of the actual circumstances surrounding poverty.

Want to Define Poverty? Consider More Than Just Income, Study Says

Poverty has always been measured with money in the U.S., but a new study finds that when we focus only income, there's a lot we don't see.

After Cyber Monday, People Open Their Wallets for Giving Tuesday

Nonprofits have started pushing Giving Tuesday to get more donations. But does it work?

If Your Boss Overpays You, Do You Have to Give the Money Back?

The California National Guard bonus scandal had us wondering if civilians would have to repay an overage in their paychecks.

Today Is Equal Pay Day for Black Women in the U.S.

On average, black women in the U.S. workforce earned $0.37 less for every dollar a man in the U.S. workforce earned in 2014. That's a pretty big wage gap.

'Don't Ask': Can One Question Close the Wage Gap?

Massachusetts just passed a law barring companies from asking prospective employees for salary history. Will that level the playing field for women and minorities?

Twinkies' Maker Hostess Going Public. Snack Cakes for Everyone!

It's been a roller-coaster ride for the beloved U.S. snack cake that last 65 days. Now Twinkies and its other Hostess buddies are landing on the Nasdaq.

Can You Buy Your Own Debt for Pennies on the Dollar?

John Oliver paid off medical debt for 9,000 Americans. But could you buy your own debt on the cheap?

How the Misery Index Works

Is adding up the inflation and unemployment rates the most effective way to judge our misery?

The Two Basic Steps to Put Your Own Face on U.S. Money

An 1864 law bars living people from appearing on U.S. currency. What do you have to do to get your grill on a bill?

Harriet Tubman to Replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 Bill

It's adios, Old Hickory, as the freedom fighter replaces the slave-owning president. The U.S. Treasury also says Hamilton will remain on the $10 bill.

How the Collaborative Economy Is Changing the World

Sure, ride-sharing is a big part of the collaborative economy, but other services, from health care to energy credits, are turning consumers into borrowers, too.

'Free Cash': Experts Divided on Whether Universal Basic Income Could End Poverty

The idea is that the government gives everyone a set amount of money, just for existing. Would it fly in the U.S.?

New Research Finds Financial Hardship Causes Actual Physical Pain

Financial difficulty can produce measurable negative impacts on physical well-being, including real pain and a lowered pain tolerance.