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If Your U.S. Money Gets Shredded, You're Not SOL

What happens when your cash gets damaged due to fire, flood or Fido deciding to eat it? Are you just out of luck?

7 Warning Signs of a Looming Recession

Good luck predicting the economic future; even the experts get it wrong. But there are sure warning signs to look for when a recession is ahead.

The Fight Over the Right to Repair Rages On

The right to repair movement advocates for consumers' rights to repair and modify their own products. Who would be against that? We'll explain.

What Do the Symbols on the U.S. $1 Bill Mean?

The design of the U.S. $1 bill is full of symbolism. We'll tell you what it all means.

How Hedge Funds Affect You Even If You Don't Invest in One

Hedge funds might seem like something only the very rich have to think about but actually they are actually part of everyday life. What are they and why are they so risky?

3 Cool Charities Looking for Knitters

Do you yarn to help others with your crafty skills? If so check out some great charities looking for some knitting assistance.

How Does Laissez-Faire Economics Really Work?

This economic policy has been embraced by free-market capitalists and demonized by progressive reformers. But what does it really mean?

Can You Make Money Off Penny Stocks?

Penny stocks may seem like a good deal because they're so cheap and who knows, they could make money! But penny stocks can also be places for scam artists, so how do you protect yourself?

Who Wins and Loses in a Trade War?

Who takes the hit when the U.S. president levies tariffs on our trading partners?

How NATO Works

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is built on an alliance between 29 North American and European countries. But it's much more than that.

How the Gender Pay Gap Works

The gender pay gap is usually expressed something like this: Women make 80 cents for every dollar a man makes. Where did this figure come from and is it still true?

When Lost Luggage Is Reclaimed for Good

Ever lost a bag when traveling? This story might just warm your heart and help to ease your pain.

Does Paying People to Relocate to a State Work?

Many Midwestern and New England states are hoping to attract more residents by offering cash, student loan forgiveness and other incentives. But surprisingly, no one has studied whether these programs are effective.

The Future of Corporate Megadeals After Amazon HQ2

As details of the huge tax incentives offered by many states to lure Amazon HQ2 became public, some residents of the rejects wondered if their states dodged a bullet.

How to Find Out If You Have a Warrant

Worried there might be a warrant out for your arrest? How can you find out for sure?

Why Gasoline Prices Vary From Station to Station

Gas stations line the streets of America. But their prices vary as much as the cars we have to fill up. What's the deal?

U.S. Farmers Eye Hemp as a New Cash Crop

Congress passed the new farm bill with a provision that will legalize hemp farming on an industrial scale. Could this be America's next gold rush?

Why a U.S. Yield Curve Inversion Worries Recession Watchers

An inversion of the U.S. Treasury bond yield curve has predicted the last seven U.S. recessions.

5 Questions to Ask Before Donating to a Charity

How can you tell if a charity is actually effective? Is it better to give one big donation or several small ones? We look at some of the most-often asked questions about charity-giving.

How to Volunteer to Help Disabled Veterans

Four million veterans living in the United States are disabled, and many of those men and women need help in one way or another. So what can you do to donate your services to those in need?

Where's the Money Going When You 'Round Up for Charity' at the Cash Register?

Would you like to round up your purchase for charity? Those small donations are big money for nonprofits and the businesses that do the soliciting.

Pink Tax: 5 Things Women Are Forced to Pay More for Than Men

Razors. Shampoo. Even dry cleaning. Women pay more for these things every day. Simply because, well, they're women.

How Much Is $1 Trillion, Apple?

Apple's historic valuation had us wondering what $1 trillion is worth these days.

CryptoKitties: The Future Is Meow

Why would anyone pay more than $100,000 for a cat that only exists in pixels? And what can these virtual kitties teach us about blockchain technology?

Why Restaurants Love Buffets Even More Than You Do

Think "all you can eat" means you get more than you paid for? As one restaurant expert put it, "The house always wins."