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The Future of Corporate Megadeals After Amazon HQ2

As details of the huge tax incentives offered by many states to lure Amazon HQ2 became public, some residents of the rejects wondered if their states dodged a bullet.

5 Questions to Ask Before Donating to a Charity

It's the time of year when your mailbox is full of requests for donations from charities, both familiar and unknown. But how do you know which ones are best to support?

How to Volunteer to Help Disabled Veterans

Four million veterans living in the United States are disabled, and many of those men and women need help in one way or another. So what can you do to donate your services to those in need?

Where's the Money Going When You 'Round Up for Charity' at the Cash Register?

Would you like to round up your purchase for charity? Those small donations are big money for nonprofits and the businesses that do the soliciting.

Pink Tax: 5 Things Women Are Forced to Pay More for Than Men

Razors. Shampoo. Even dry cleaning. Women pay more for these things every day. Simply because, well, they're women.

How Much Is $1 Trillion, Apple?

Apple's historic valuation had us wondering what $1 trillion is worth these days.

Who Wins and Loses in a Trade War?

Who takes the hit when the U.S. president levies tariffs on our trading partners?

CryptoKitties: The Future Is Meow

Why would anyone pay more than $100,000 for a cat that only exists in pixels? And what can these virtual kitties teach us about blockchain technology?

Why Restaurants Love Buffets Even More Than You Do

Think "all you can eat" means you get more than you paid for? As one restaurant expert put it, "The house always wins."

Cryptocurrencies: The Creation of AI, Aliens or Even the Antichrist?

Cryptocurrencies are likely here to stay. But who's really behind their creation and should we trust this new form of digital cash?

Bitcoin: High-tech Currency or Black-market Money?

Cryptocurrencies have been in the news a lot lately. How much do you know about the legitimacy of these 'invisible' currencies?

About Face: The U.S. Currency Portrait Quiz

Most bank notes and coins made in the U.S. feature famous people from American history. But we often use these bills without registering whose faces are actually on the notes. Can you guess without opening your wallet?

The True Story of Blood Diamonds

Diamonds weren't even very popular before the 1930s. And it wasn't until a savvy copywriter created an ad slogan that the stones became synonymous with love.

When Will We Reach the Tipping Point for Tipping?

Some U.S. restaurants' experiments with dropping tipping in favor of higher menu prices did not catch on with consumers. Is there a profit point when it would make sense to drop tipping?

Who Wins (and Loses) If U.S. Imposes Steel Tariffs?

President Donald Trump wants countries exporting steel and aluminum to the U.S. to pay steep tariffs. Could these tariffs spark a global trade war?

Tiny Houses Are Huge for Homeless

The tiny house movement is providing homes for people who need shelter.

Cash Bail Punishes Poor, But What's the Alternative?

The U.S.'s long-standing cash bail system produces two very different outcomes depending on how much money the defendant can scrape together.

You Can't Buy Anything for a Penny Anymore, Not Even a Penny

Even items with the word 'penny' in their name, like penny candy, cost more than a cent. What does a penny buy in America these days?

When Bitcoins Vanish, Can You Get Them Back?

Whether your account has been hacked or you've lost your private key code, do you have any recourse for recovering your lost bitcoin?

Know Before You Amazon Go That Your Privacy Will Be Low

Forget about being anonymous when you shop. In the new Amazon Go store, every single thing you buy is linked directly to you.

Bitcoin Futures Trading Isn't Blowing Up — Yet

Bitcoin had a banner 2017, trading at up to around $20,000 per unit. So, hopes were high for its debut on the futures market in December. How is this cryptocurrency faring in the real world of financial regulation?

Why Is Amazon Not Considered a Monopoly?

The online company has its fingers in just about every e-commerce enterprise; it's even caused many organizations to go out of business. Yet the U.S. government has not tried to stop Amazon's growth. Why's that?

Beyond Bitcoin: What’s the Next Big Cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin's price of more than $10,000 a coin has gotten everyone excited, but some financial experts are putting their money on another cryptocurrency.

9 of the Weirdest Lost-and-found Items in the World

Fifty vacuum-packed frogs, a wedding gown and an actual human skull. These are just a few of the world's best lost-and-found items.

Could a Corporation Have Its Own Entire City?

Amazon does everything else, so why not own a city, too? If all goes according to plan, Amazon The City may be coming to a municipality near you.