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How to Volunteer for the U.S. Geological Survey

From collecting native plant seeds in Alaska's Denali National Park to digging for fossils in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, the U.S. Geological Survey offers hundreds of volunteer opportunities to those wanting to donate time to natural science.

How to Volunteer with the Wildlife Science Center

With events like canine carnivals and a variety of educational programs it's not surprising that more than 25,000 people visit the Wildlife Science Center in Minnesota each year.

How to Volunteer for the Parks and Recreation Department

Across the country, parks and recreation departments maintain outdoor recreation facilities, run programs and offer classes such as yoga, karate and arts and crafts. With so much going on, it's obvious that these departments need volunteers.

How to Volunteer for the Olympic National Park

With more than 922,000 acres of wilderness, Olympic National Park in northwestern Washington offers stunning views. It also offers plenty of opportunities to volunteer.

How to Volunteer at a National Park

"Experience your America." It's an inviting proposition, isn't it? It's the welcoming slogan of the U.S. National Park Service.

How to Volunteer at the African Scientific Research Institute

The African Scientific Research Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving African American culture as a legacy for future generations. Want to get involved? You can -- as a volunteer.

How to Volunteer at a Hospital

You don't need a medical degree to volunteer at a hospital. Sometimes all you need to offer is a smile and some conversation. You'll be brightening someone's day -- and yours in turn.

How to Volunteer in a Clinical Trial

Before life-saving (or erection-inducing) drugs reach the public, they go through a lengthy and rigorous series of tests to ensure they're safe and effective. What is life like as a human guinea pig?

How to Volunteer with Mental Health Patients

The government agencies, nonprofit organizations, substance-abuse centers and mental health clinics that provide mental health services are often understaffed and overwhelmed. This is where you come in.

How to Volunteer in Historical Reenactments

Want to experience the sights, sounds and smells of history? We're not talking about a musty pop-up book about the Civil War. If you've got the time and mettle, volunteer in historical reenactments.

How to Volunteer for the YMCA

The YMCA -- or Young Men's Christian Association -- is a large nonprofit with international reach and several thousand local branches that rely on the help of volunteers.

How to Volunteer with the Illiterate

About 14 percent of adults in the United States can’t read well enough to understand a newspaper story or fill out a job application. But volunteers across the country are ready to help.

How Scientists Without Borders Works

Doctors Without Borders brings highly trained medical personnel to people in need of their expertise. Now, a new organization aims to do the same with scientific minds and resources.

How Doctors Without Borders Works

Being a doctor is no easy task -- someone with an M.D. behind his or her name has survived several years of rigorous training and schooling. But only a few sign up to work in a war zone.

How Health Volunteers Overseas Works

Instead of just spending their time in developing countries treating patients, why can't doctors train local medical personnel? That's the idea behind Health Volunteers Overseas.

How Project C.U.R.E. Works

If there's one thing the developing world (and war-torn countries) need, it's medical supplies -- surgical gloves, needles, heart monitors. So who gets it to them? Project C.U.R.E.

How Project HOPE Works

Project HOPE started in an old Navy medical vessel and grew into an international health aid organization that has saved millions of lives and has trained millions more to do the same.

How Children's Volunteer Health Network Works

In northwest Florida's health care crisis, Children Volunteer Health Network gets kids the medical attention they need -- with donations and the gener

How Ladies' Aid Societies Worked

While it wasn't their explicit mission, ladies' aid societies gave women a leg up in the struggle for equal rights. And you could say their platform was squeaky clean: It was all about sanitation and good health.

How United Way Works

Donating money or volunteering for distant, unfamiliar organizations can make you feel a bit detached from your charitable intentions. A great way to get directly involved is to join your local United Way.

How the Rotary Club Works

When you think of the word "club," you might imagine a group you were part of as a child or teen. Rotary Club is one organization that recaptures that spirit in an organization for adults.

How the Kiwanis Club Works

Kiwanis Club is an international organization that's based on the Golden Rule. But it's not just a social group for kindness -- the organization aims to improve health and literacy around the world.

How the Lions Club Works

Headquartered in Oak Brook, Ill., Lions Clubs International has a simple motto: "We serve." Today it's one of the world’s largest service organizations, with 1.3 million members in more than 200 countries including China, Ethiopia and Iraq.

How the National Committee on Volunteers Worked

The United States has a rich history of volunteerism, beginning in the 1700s with Benjamin Franklin's firefighting squadron. But Herbert Hoover made the first formal effort to organize volunteers.

How the Civilian Conservation Corps Worked

In FDR's first 100 days, he created the Civilian Conservation Corps. This program gave young men a work ethic and a paycheck while bolstering the economy and infrastructure, as well as combating crime and illiteracy.