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What Happens to Drivers When Toll Roads Stop Taking Cash?

As more toll roads move away from cash, where does that leave drivers who don't have electronic passes? Or even exact change?

Why Is Yogurt Advertising So Focused on Women?

If human nutrition is essentially universal, why do yogurt commercials feature women so prominently?

Why Your Employer Should Cut You Some Slack After Your Team Loses

It's not so easy to leave Sunday's blowout game behind when it's time to go to work on Monday. A new study has some ideas on how companies can handle this issue.

Paternity Tests and Other Businesses You Don't Expect to See on a Truck

You may be surprised at the types of businesses people have put on wheels. Cigar Lounge, anyone?

Should Restaurants Charge a Penalty Fee for Uneaten Food?

In an effort to discourage food waste, some all-you-can-eat buffets are charging diners whose eyes are bigger than their stomachs.

Big Bucks for CEOs Doesn't Mean Better Company Performance

In fact, you might want to consider which CEOs get the lowest pay when you're picking stocks to buy.

When Skywriting Just Isn't Enough: Fake Meteor Showers and Space Ads!

A Japanese company called ALE wants to create artificial meteor showers. Is this the first step toward the sky becoming a massive ad?

The Power of Crowds: The 'Lazer Team' Story

HowStuffWorks Now interviews Rooster Teeth's Burnie Burns at SXSW on how to crowdfund a feature-length film.

The Hard Sell: When Targeted Ads Backfire

Does it seem like ads for cruises are always popping up since you went to one vacation website? Researchers study the line between being conscious and being aggravated.

Unlimited Flights for One Flat Price: Could OneGo Be the Netflix of Air Travel?

A startup app called OneGo aims to find a niche as a provider of all-you-can-fly pricing for domestic air travel, for those who can afford the monthly membership.

How Does Your Boss Compare to Optimus Prime?

You can learn about leadership in the darnedest of places. Like the 1980s television program "The Transformers."

Is Anyone Really Using the Foosball Table? Office Perks Employees Actually Want

Rooftop gardens and nap pods sound cool, but that's not what employees really value, nor do they help the bottom line, say experts.

Guess Who Doesn’t Like Minimum-Wage Raises? Everybody Else

If you give your employees on the bottom a salary increase, you'd better do the same for those in the middle, to keep up morale.

10 Security Tips for Online Businesses

Keeping your online business secure requires time and effort, but it's an important task. Keep your business and your customers safe with these tips.

10 Ways to Market an Online Business

It takes more than just a newspaper ad to promote your online business. Help your site grow from a fledgling to a flourishing business with these handy tips.

10 Tips for Selling Products Online

Selling your products online takes more than buying a domain name. Build a brand that your customers love with these tips.

My Kid Has a Kickstarter

No child needs a lemonade stand to make money, these days.

10 Pitfalls to Avoid in Your Online Business

Online businesses have a lot in common with their traditional counterparts. But taking the web by storm is no easy feat! Here are some pitfalls to watch out for.

10 Reasons Your Business Should Have a Website

Gone are the days when a small business could get by without a website. Today, your online presence can make or break your business.

10 Online Business Resources

Starting an online business can be overwhelming at times. Try using these resources to make the process easier.

How Subliminal Messages Work

If advertisers buried hidden messages in commercials or print ads, would you be susceptible to them? Or are subliminal messages just a hoax?

Can you generate a business plan online?

In the past, you practically had to get an MBA to learn how to write a business plan. But investors today value plans that are sharp and to the point — and you can easily figure it out online.

Can you get grants for your small business's website?

Creating a website can be a pricey proposition for a small business. There are grants out there that can fund website development, but the competition is fierce — and the grants often come with strings attached.

Can you operate an online business from home?

From Disney and Mattel to Apple and Amazon, countless U.S. business staples have started in someone's home. The Internet only makes this feat easier. Could your home be the incubator for the next big online company?