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Can You Take Out Life Insurance on Just Anyone?

Do you have to have a relationship with the person, or can it be any old Joe?

Do I Need Life Insurance?

Life insurance is one of those adult-type things that everyone needs to think about, but not everyone needs to buy. Do you need life insurance and, if so, how much?

10 Factors That Affect Your Life Insurance Premium

How much you pay for life insurance can vary on tons of factors, including your age, gender and even your favorite hobbies.

4 Year-End Money Tips to Lower Your Tax Bill

It's pretty certain that you'll have to pay taxes in April. But did you realize there are some things you need to do before Dec. 31 in order to lower that tax burden?

How to Write a Check

Many people don't write checks anymore — or didn't grow up having to fill them out. Still, there are times when the old check is the most convenient (or only) method of payment. So how do you fill one out?

How to Find Your Bank's Routing Number

Even if you have no need for a checkbook, you still need your bank's routing number to set up online payment. So where do you find it?

5 Reasons You Might Need to Visit the Social Security Office

Not all Social Security services are available online. And you don't have to be over 65 to visit the office either.

How Do You Get a Copy of Your Free Credit Report?

U.S. Federal law mandates that you get a free credit report each year through a government website. But lots of copycat websites have sprung up offering the same information for a charge. How can you be sure you're on the right page?

How the IRS Works

Americans didn't always pay income taxes. When did that start and what was behind the creation of the IRS?

10 Tips for Getting the Biggest Tax Refund

While many Americans have seen their tax refunds go down under the new tax laws, we have some strategies to increase your tax refund.

What Happened to the Income Tax Personal Exemption?

Taxpayers in the U.S. were accustomed to taking a personal deduction off their taxes for themselves and their dependents. But the tax reform laws have eliminated that. So, will their taxes go up or down?

How Do Dollar Stores Make Money?

In good times and bad, dollar stores seem to thrive. But how are they are able to make so much money selling things so cheaply?

Who Decides When Your Social Security Check Increases?

Presidents like to take credit for increases in Social Security, but is it the president, Congress or the Social Security Administration that decides when your check goes up?

7 Creative Strategies for Paying Off Student Loans

Think you'll never finish paying off your student loans? Here are some innovative ways to do just that.

These Folks Retired in their 30s and 40s: Can You Do It Too?

There's a movement called FIRE, a group of people working hard to retire young and really enjoy life. But is it realistic to think you won't run out of money?

5 Ways to Save Money (Besides Giving Up Lattes)

Check out these five clever strategies financial experts suggest for saving a ton of money each year.

When Is It OK to Leave Kids Unequal Inheritance?

Hurt feelings are likely to result but experts say there are times when you should leave more money to one child in your will. Just don't keep everyone in the dark about it.

A ​Will Is Part of Every Soldier's Battle Plan

In 2000, a document called a military testamentary instrument was recognized by Congress to provide some clear-cut basic requirements for a military will, exempt from individual states' varying laws.

What You Can Do Now to Get the Most from the New Tax Law

The most sweeping tax overhaul in decades became law in December 2017. What should U.S. taxpayers do in 2018 to benefit from the tax code changes?

How Tax Deductions Work

You've probably heard the phrase "tax deductions" a hundred times. But what does it mean? And how can you be sure you're taking all the tax deductions you're entitled to?

How Repealing the Johnson Amendment Would Change Churches and Charities

A repeal of the Johnson Amendment would go way beyond separation of church and state.

The Kids' College Funds Can Wait. Save for Retirement First

Many parents feel torn between funding their own retirement and paying for their kids' college education. But financial experts are united on which one should take priority.

After the Equifax Breach, Does Credit Fraud Monitoring Really Help?

Credit monitoring bureau Equifax was hacked and is offering fraud monitoring services for free. But experts say they're pretty useless.

U.S. Adults Are Overwhelmingly Unprepared for Serious Illness or Injury

A new meta-analysis of 150 studies finds that only one in three U.S. adults has a written living will or healthcare power of attorney documents.

In Mexico, Artists Can Pay Their Federal Taxes With Artwork

Pago en Especie allows artists to meet tax obligations with a piece of art, and the government builds an impressive collection. Win-win!