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What Are the Different Types of Life Insurance?

You might be confused by the difference between term and whole insurance, as well as all the other life insurance products out there. Or whether you even need life insurance in the first place.

Do I Need Life Insurance?

Life insurance is one of those adult-type things that everyone needs to think about, but not everyone needs to buy. Do you need life insurance and, if so, how much?

10 Factors That Affect Your Life Insurance Premium

How much you pay for life insurance can vary on tons of factors, including your age, gender and even your favorite hobbies.

How Trusts Work

You don't need to be a teenage millionaire to have a trust fund. Get a sense of how trusts work and whether this financial tool makes sense for your family.

10 Biggest Expenses in a Couple's First Year

Congratulations! After months of planning, you are officially married. Now it's time to kick back, relax and ... pay the bills? Marriage may be fueled by love, but living together costs money.

10 Financial Events to Plan for in Your Children's Lives

Having a kid isn't a sprint. It's a marathon, one likely to have financial implications for the rest of you and your child's lives. Planning and educating early can provide an enduring source of support down the road.

How much does it cost to raise a child?

Kids cost a fortune. We don't have to tell you that. But if you think you know exactly how much, think again.

How much does it cost to have a baby?

Hospital costs for baby deliveries have skyrocketed since 2004. Depending on where you live in the United States and how you deliver, plan on experiencing some sort of sticker shock when you receive your bill.

How much should your child get for allowance?

Kids these days expect instant gratification. So earning an allowance teaches them about budgeting and saving. But how much is just right?

Which is more expensive: Day care or stay-at-home parenting?

You're certain you and your partner have to work, rather than one of you staying home with the kids. The truth is, it could make more financial sense for one of you to stay home. Let's do the numbers.

How much does it cost to adopt a child?

A lot of factors influence just how much it costs to adopt a child. If you're thinking about adopting, here's an idea of what to expect (and why).

How the Cost of Education Works

Unless you have an MBA in finance, trying to decipher how education is funded in the U.S. could leave you reaching for a nice glass of wine. We'll break it down so you can understand it even without the help of a chardonnay.