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What Are the Different Types of Life Insurance?

You might be confused by the difference between term and whole insurance, as well as all the other life insurance products out there. Or whether you even need life insurance in the first place.

How to Get the Best Deal on Your Mortgage Refinance

Mortgage refinance rates can vary from lender to lender. So, how do you know that you've got the best rate you can?

5 Questions to Ask Before You Refinance Your Mortgage

"How low will my new interest rate be?" is not the only question to ask before you refinance your mortgage. Here are five others you should think about.

What You Need to File a Homeowners Insurance Claim

So you have homeowners insurance, but do you know exactly what you will need in order to file a claim when the time comes?

When Should You Refinance Your Mortgage?

Refinancing your mortgage may be a great way to lower your monthly bills, but you need to keep these points in mind.

How to Save Money on Homeowners Insurance

The annual cost of homeowners insurance can vary by hundreds of dollars and depend on many different factors. How can you save money on this necessary expense?

Can You Refinance Your Mortgage With Bad Credit?

You'd like to take advantage of the low interest rates out there to refinance your mortgage, but your credit is less than stellar. Is it worth even trying to refinance?

Is Homeowners Insurance Required?

Homeowners insurance generally is required only if you have a mortgage on your home. But even when your home is paid off, you'd be wise to maintain coverage.

Pros and Cons of a Cash-out Mortgage Refinance

Need some extra cash to take care of some debts? You could tap into your home equity through a cash-out mortgage refinance. But what are the pros and cons?

What Are the Options for Life Insurance Payouts?

Many people think the only life insurance payout option is a lump sum after the insured person dies, but there are actually many choices out there. We look at some of them.

How to Figure Out How Much Homeowners Insurance You Need

Many people may not have enough homeowners insurance coverage to replace their homes in the event of a disaster. Are you covered?

Can You Take Out Life Insurance on Just Anyone?

Do you have to have a relationship with the person, or can it be any old Joe?

Do I Need Life Insurance?

Life insurance is one of those adult-type things that everyone needs to think about, but not everyone needs to buy. Do you need life insurance and, if so, how much?

10 Factors That Affect Your Life Insurance Premium

How much you pay for life insurance can vary on tons of factors, including your age, gender and even your favorite hobbies.

4 Year-End Money Tips to Lower Your Tax Bill in 2020

It's pretty certain that you'll have to pay taxes in April. But did you realize there are some things you need to do before Dec. 31 in order to lower that tax burden?

How to Write a Check

Many people don't write checks anymore — or didn't grow up having to fill them out. Still, there are times when the old check is the most convenient (or only) method of payment. So how do you fill one out?

How to Find Your Bank's Routing Number

Even if you have no need for a checkbook, you still need your bank's routing number to set up online payment. So where do you find it?

5 Reasons You Might Need to Visit the Social Security Office

Not all Social Security services are available online. And you don't have to be over 65 to visit the office either.

How Do You Get a Copy of Your Free Credit Report?

U.S. Federal law mandates that you get a free credit report each year through a government website. But lots of copycat websites have sprung up offering the same information for a charge. How can you be sure you're on the right page?

How the IRS Works

Americans didn't always pay income taxes. When did that start and what was behind the creation of the IRS?

10 Tips for Getting the Biggest Tax Refund

While many Americans have seen their tax refunds go down under the new tax laws, we have some strategies to increase your tax refund.

What Happened to the Income Tax Personal Exemption?

Taxpayers in the U.S. were accustomed to taking a personal deduction off their taxes for themselves and their dependents. But the tax reform laws have eliminated that. So, will their taxes go up or down?

How Do Dollar Stores Make Money?

In good times and bad, dollar stores seem to thrive. But how are they are able to make so much money selling things so cheaply?

Who Decides When Your Social Security Check Increases?

Presidents like to take credit for increases in Social Security, but is it the president, Congress or the Social Security Administration that decides when your check goes up?

7 Creative Strategies for Paying Off Student Loans

Think you'll never finish paying off your student loans? Here are some innovative ways to do just that.