5 Ways Mobile Banking Alerts Can Benefit You

Mobile alerts give cardholders extra security.
Mobile alerts give cardholders extra security.
Pando Hall/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images

Some people are only comfortable when they're keeping constant watch on their finances -- and it can seem even more important during an economic recession, when money may be tight or job security uncertain. The fear of fraud has also grown, as banks rely increasingly on potentially insecure processes like electronic transactions.

The upside to this electronic trend is that many banks are now offering a way for you to monitor your accounts and get instant updates wherever you are by sending information to your mobile phone. Most banks make it easy, especially for customers who already use online banking. To set it up, simply log in to your online account on your bank's Web site, find the mobile alerts section and enter your phone number. After you verify your phone number, you'll be able to customize the kinds of messages and warnings you want to get.

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