Online Banking

Online banking is convenient because you can do everything from checking balances to paying bills to investing any time you like. This section covers the various ways you can manage your money online.


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How Square Works

Is this the payment method of the future? No cash, no credit card, just your smartphone and your finger to pay for whatever you want? Welcome to the world of Square.

5 Ways Mobile Banking Alerts Can Benefit You

How can mobile banking alerts keep your account more secure?

Is checking becoming paperless?

Will checking ever lose the paper and go completely digital?

Is it safe to shop online with a debit card?

Credit cards come with certain benefits that help protect your personal and financial data when you use them, particularly when shopping online. Do debit cards also protect your sensitive information? Read on for the answer.

How can your bank help you go paperless?

So you're banking online but still wary of e-bills and e-statements? We think there are a few things the bank can do to help you go completely paper-free.

5 Tips on Making the Switch from Paper to Online Banking

Hesitant to make the switch to online banking? We'll give you five tips on why you should.

5 Ways to Send Money Online

At some point in your life, someone you know is going to need money, and they're not going to have time to wait for the post office. Fortunately, there are plenty of options to choose from when using the Internet to part with your hard-earned cash.

5 Reasons to Use Online Bill Payment

Online bill payment has exploded over the past decade. Here are five reasons to go paperless and pay all your bills online.

Can you get a money order online?

Add money orders to the ever-growing list of goods and services available for purchase online. There are some differences to traditional money orders, so read on to find out about this relatively new development in online finance.

5 Mobile Banking Security Tips

Banking on the go is a modern convenience and easier than ever. But the technology involved also makes it easier to steal information. What are the best ways to protect yourself?

How has the iPad 2 made banking easier?

Did you know you can deposit checks via your iPad 2? How else is the iPad 2 changing the way we handle our money?

Are certain smartphones safer for online banking?

Your smartphone is your connection to not just your friends and family, but to your bank as well. So how can you find the most secure model?

How can texting make your banking easier?

Text banking allows you to access accounts anytime, anywhere, as long as you're carrying your mobile device. How does this make banking easier?

What is SMiShing?

Meet the newest Internet scam on the block: SMiShing. It uses text messages to infect your cell phone, and it could be coming to one near you.

5 Ways Businesses Benefit from Online Banking

Online banking has exploded in the past decade, and more and more businesses are recognizing its advantages over traditional banking.

How do I know if my banking app is secure?

So you're banking with your smartphone these days. What makes you so sure you're the only one who can access that app?

Is it safe to talk to my bank via SMS?

It's a convenient way to communicate with your bank, but can trading text messages make you a target for thieves? Find out how to protect yourself.

5 Security Tips for Banking by Smartphone

Banking by smartphone is convenient, but how can you make sure that your information (and money) will be secure? These five simple tips can help.

Are mobile credit card readers secure?

Mobile credit card readers might make purchasing things over a smartphone easy -- but is it safe?

5 Reasons to Carry Your Bank With You

You'd don't need superhuman strength to literally carry your bank around with you -- as long as you can carry your smartphone, you can do just that. Here are five good reasons why you should.

5 Reasons to Use Online Banking

Are you a little intimidated by online banking? Fret no longer. Read on to learn everything you need to know about moving your finances onto the Web and into the 21st century.

5 Unexpected Perks of Online Banking

You may already know how to transfer money instantly and check your account balance anytime, there are probably still a few online banking perks you're not aware of.

How Online Checking Accounts Work

Of all the things you can do on the Internet, financial transactions are some of the easiest and most convenient. It all starts with an online checking account.

How the Online Trading Academy Works

The Online Trading Academy claims to teach students how to make lots of money day trading. Do the instructors here have the magic answers?

How Mobile Security Works

The smart phone has completely changed how people access the Internet. As a result, users must protect their mobile devices from online predators as they would their computers. How can people keep their phones secure?