Family Budget Travel

You really can go on vacation without breaking the bank. Read about the ins and outs of managing the family travel budget.

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For many modern families, the dream of a slow-paced, relaxing vacation has fallen victim to high gas prices, invasive security searches and credit card bills. How can you enjoy vacation at home this summer?

By Bambi Turner

The airline industry is one of the most complex systems in modern life, despite your travel agent's attempts to convince you that everything is perfect. Here are some things the airlines might keep in the fine print.

By Heather Kolich

Running a hotel is a complicated business -- not everything goes perfectly, and there are some secrets that most hotel managers would rather you not know. What are some of them?

By Meghan E. Smith


When planning a road trip, you should focus on having a good time, not on your trip's financial tally. But by the time you get home, your road-weary family could have racked up a huge credit card bill. Here are some tips for saving cash on your next trip.

By Emilie Sennebogen

Vacations are rarely cheap. There's the airfare, the hotels, the tourist food and the souvenirs. But surely some of that expense is negotiable. What's worth splurging on when you're away from home, and where should you pinch your pennies?

By Julia Layton