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The key to sorting out income taxes if you're a foreign national is determining your status as an alien and then figuring out which tax laws apply to you. We can help.

As the average life span keeps increasing, so too does the possible length of the retirement phase of your life. Overall, this is pretty good news, but it does make saving for your golden years all the more important.

There's nothing quite like the feeling of walking home with a pocketful of hard-earned tip money. But while it may feel like tax-free dough to spend as you want, you should probably know that the IRS sees things just a little bit differently.

Getting yourself a shiny, new job is all about making the kind of money you know you deserve. But you know what else you deserve? Saving money on your taxes. And guess what? The IRS has your back with tons of ways to deduct job-search costs.

You've always wanted to open a little shop and sell your own handcrafted knickknacks — and now thanks to some grit and gumption, that dream is reality. Why not reward yourself with a little extra cash with these nifty small business tax deductions?

Being a college student is great. You're on your own, you can eat whatever you want and you get to start thinking about your future career. The best thing? Though it may not sound glamorous, you (and your parents) also get tons of tax breaks.

If there's anything certain in this world, it's that kids ask tons of questions. Sure, you may know what to say when they ask why dogs bark or why the sky is blue, but when your kids want to know about paying taxes, what should you tell them?

Saving money is not the only reason to consider doing your taxes yourself. Sometimes, you are your own best accountant. Here's why.

Employees of small businesses often don't have health insurance, or don't have enough of it. That's why a small business health care tax credit program was born. But it's hit a few snags on its journey to expand health coverage.

The Health Care Tax Credit expired on Jan. 1, 2014, to make way for the Affordable Care Act. How many people did it help during its 2002-2013 lifetime? There were an awful lot of requirements to meet.

You get two things when you donate to a charity: a feel-good moment and a tax deduction. And donations don't have to take the form of a cash or check. Property and goods and services count, too — sometimes.

If you're not the organized type, your tax returns may be languishing in a forgotten file folder in a closet. But never fear — if you need one for a mortgage or loan application and can't find it, the IRS can help you out. Pretty easily, too.

Marriage is the great coming together of two separate lives. You share a home, family ... and tax liability. But along with enjoying the gift registry goodies, newlyweds get a bevy of tax breaks too.

The late-night study sessions, the absent-minded professors, the lifetime's worth of memories and friends: College truly is an investment -- of time, energy and (you guessed it) money.

Does the word "audit" give you goose bumps? Fear not: Unless you give the IRS good cause for pause, your chances of an audit are pretty darn low. But no sense toying with fate, we say.

Despite sometimes getting a bum rap, the IRS actually offers workers tons of ways to save money or boost bottom line on their tax returns. Sometimes learning these tricks takes time, patience and the ability read legalese, but we've got you covered.

Having a baby is a huge milestone, bringing new levels of joy, renewal and family togetherness. But before you get too caught up in all the warm, fuzzy feelings, remember that having a child also comes with a price tag — or two or three.

Congratulations! After months of planning, you are officially married. Now it's time to kick back, relax and ... pay the bills? Marriage may be fueled by love, but living together costs money.

Having a kid isn't a sprint. It's a marathon, one likely to have financial implications for the rest of you and your child's lives. Planning and educating early can provide an enduring source of support down the road.

Sometimes when we need to do important things -- like our taxes -- fear of the unknown can cause uncertainty. Knowledge conquers all. Here are the questions you should be asking to build tax savvy.

Nobody wants their business to operate at a loss. But come tax time, you might at least be able to get some help if your business is in the red.

Applying for a federal tax ID number couldn't be simpler. All you need is a computer, a telephone or access to a post office.

You might be perfectly fine changing your own oil or sewing your own living room curtains. But what about your taxes? Should that be another DIY project, or should you look for a professional?

This might be the scariest phrase in the English language: tax audit. But not every missive you receive from the IRS is going to be bad news.

Losing your job is extremely tough financially, even with unemployment benefits. Don't get surprised come tax time.