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Credit & Debt Management

There are many ways to keep debt down and your credit score up. In Credit & Debt Management, topics include credit reports, bankruptcy, how credit cards work and new technology.

Is there such a thing as a free credit report?

You've seen TV commercials and pop-up ads promising free credit reports. But are these offers legit? And if credit reports are free, why don't more people request them?

Millions of Americans Aren't Repaying Their Student Debt. Are You One of Them?

But just how many are we talking, really? See more »

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How are secured claims treated in bankruptcy?

All of your debts are classified as secured or unsecured during a bankruptcy, which affects how they're discharged or repaid. See more »

Does filing for bankruptcy hurt your credit score?

Filing for bankruptcy can provide you with relief, but it also has some lasting repercussions that can affect your financial future. See more »

How do you calculate disposable income?

The amount of available income you have after taxes, or disposable income, makes all the difference in whether you can file for bankruptcy. See more »

Can you get credit cards after being discharged from bankruptcy?

Some people end up filing for bankruptcy due to credit card debt, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you can't get a credit card again. See more »

Can the trustee sell your exempt assets in bankruptcy?

Filing bankruptcy doesn't mean losing every single asset that you own; some of your assets may be considered exempt by the court. See more »

What was the world’s largest bankruptcy filing?

People aren't the only ones who file for bankruptcy. Businesses, cities, and even countries sometimes get into insurmountable debt. But who takes the "prize" for largest filing? See more »

How does median household income relate to bankruptcy?

If filing for bankruptcy seems like your golden ticket out of debt, it's time to learn about what's meant by median income and means testing. See more »