There are many ways to keep debt down and your credit score up. In Credit & Debt Management, topics include credit reports, bankruptcy, how credit cards work and new technology.

The Ultimate 3-in-1-Credit Report Quiz

Understanding how credit agencies determine your credit rating is essential for your financial health. It is also of utmost importance for you to regularly check your credit reports for errors or signs of identity theft. This is slightly easier to do with a 3-1 credit report, which compares credit reports from all three American credit agencies in one single document. Take this quiz and become credit report savvy.

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  • 10 Common Bankruptcy Questions

    10 Common Bankruptcy Questions

    If you're lucky, you'll never have to know about bankruptcy. But sometimes, even lucky people get dealt bad hands. If you're wondering whether to declare bankruptcy, here are 10 things you should know before doing the deed. See more »

  • 10 Healthy Ways to Build Credit

    10 Healthy Ways to Build Credit

    For something so relatively easy to obtain, credit can easily cause a careless borrower lots of stress. Here are 10 simple ways to build credit -- and keep it. See more »

  • 10 Pieces of Bankruptcy Information Everyone Should Know

    10 Pieces of Bankruptcy Information Everyone Should Know

    Every now and then, you hear about a celebrity who's filed for bankruptcy. So how come she's still living in Beverly Hills? And would you be so lucky if you filed for bankruptcy, too? See more »

  • Does it hurt my credit score when I pull my credit report?

    Does it hurt my credit score when I pull my credit report?

    It's a piece of advice you've probably heard: Don't pull your credit report too often, or you'll hurt your score. But what's a soul to do when you're shopping around for the best interest rates on a new house or car? How often can you look at your re See more »

  • Dollars and Sense: Credit Score Challenge

    Dollars and Sense: Credit Score Challenge

    Your credit score plays a large part in whether you can buy a house or car. In certain circumstances, it even affects whether you can get a job. But where does the number come from? See more »

  • Eye On the Money: Test Your Debt Knowledge

    Eye On the Money: Test Your Debt Knowledge

    Debt can be a complex problem, between managing your interest rates, knowing your rights and sticking to your payment plans. Take the debt quiz to see just how much you know about paying off that debt. See more »

  • How 3-in-1 Credit Reports Work

    How 3-in-1 Credit Reports Work

    When it comes to credit, a little discipline and diligence go a long way. You could call each of the three credit bureaus and compare their reports side by side, or you can order a 3-in-1 credit report and save some time. See more »

  • How Amortization Works

    How Amortization Works

    The word "mortgage" comes from an old French phrase meaning "death pledge" and the concept of amortization comes from the same etymological root. Contrary to popular belief, the latter phrase isn't scary -- in fact, it makes paying your mortgage easier. See more »

  • How Bankruptcy Exemptions Work

    How Bankruptcy Exemptions Work

    Declaring bankruptcy doesn't have to mean you must live under a bridge. Depending on the state you live in, you may get to keep your house, car and many other things. See more »

  • How Bankruptcy Fraud Works

    How Bankruptcy Fraud Works

    Even though you're declaring bankruptcy, you sure hate to part with your family jewelry or that expensive, new telescope. Could you hide your assets, or is that considered fraud? See more »

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