The Currency channel explains all you ever wanted to know about dollars and cents. Check out these articles for in-depth information on what happens to money in the economy (or in your washing machine.)

How much gold is there in the world?

How much would all the money in the world weigh and how much would it be worth? Find out what "all the money in the world" really means.

The Two Basic Steps to Put Your Own Face on U.S. Money

An 1864 law bars living people from appearing on U.S. currency. What do you have to do to get your grill on a bill?

Harriet Tubman to Replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 Bill

It's adios, Old Hickory, as the freedom fighter replaces the slave-owning president. The U.S. Treasury also says Hamilton will remain on the $10 bill.

U.S. Coins Display No Numerical Values — Not Even the Government Knows Why

Why aren't there numbers on American coins? The words "dime," "penny" and "nickel" sure don't convey anything obvious. Is the U.S. just being inhospitable to guests?

How much money do people accidentally throw away every year?

No one knows the exact amount of money lost or thrown out, but it's a lot more than you might imagine. One man made more than $20,000 picking up loose change every day for 10 years.

How Bitcoin Works

Unlike dollars, pounds or yen, bitcoins aren't backed by any government. They're a completely decentralized form of money. Is the world ready for virtual currency?

Why would the U.S. mint a trillion-dollar coin?

The idea of minting a trillion-dollar coin to pay the U.S. national debt seemed intriguing, if far-fetched. Though it was nixed by the Fed and the Treasury, could it have worked – and why?

What would a moneyless world look like?

For the people of Anuta, money is an afterthought, not a reason for being. How does a gift economy work, and can generosity and gratitude alone really keep a community going?

How much actual money is there in the world?

The Federal Reserve is responsible for tracking all of the money in circulation and on deposit in the United States. That's a formidable job for just one country, so how does one count all of the money in the world?

Why are the penny and the nickel the only U.S. coins with images that don't face left?

Learn why Lincoln and Jefferson don't face left like all the other presidents on U.S. coins.

Can I really trade my dollars in for gold bullion?

You can trade your dollars in for gold bullion from Fort Knox whenever you want -- right? Maybe not.