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Getting a Job

Getting a job can be a difficult task, especially if you're looking for a high paying job. There are tons of available tools that can help with your search. Learn about them in this section.

10 Completely Wrong Ways to Write a Cover Letter

More than 85 percent of U.S. employers feel cover letters are important -- yet they only have time to give them a 15-second glance. How can you make sure yours stands out in a good way? Just don't do the 10 things on this list.

Where to Live After Graduation

You've finally graduated, so what's next? First order of business: Where should you live? Check out our Where to Live After Graduation pictures. See more »

Infographic: Buy vs. Rent

You're a human. You need a house. Should you buy one or rent one? See more »

Buy vs. Lease

You're buying your first car. Maybe it's your first ever. Should you buy it or lease it? See more »

Prepaid Phone vs. Contract Phone

What is cheaper, pre-paid phones or contract phones? Keep reading to learn which phone option will save you money. See more »

Dine In vs. Eat Out

Should you dine in or eat out? Check out this graphic to learn which option is more cost effective. See more »

Credit vs. Debit

What are the differences between cred and debit cards? Check out this graphic to learn which card is best for you. See more »

10 Things to Leave Off Your Résumé

Do you know what belongs on your résumé and what you ought to leave out? Learn about 10 things you should leave off your résumé at HowStuffWorks. See more »

10 Ways to Spot the Wrong Job for You

How do you know if a job is wrong for you? Read about 10 ways to spot jobs that aren't a good fit for your skills and ambitions. See more »

10 Ways to Ruin a Job Interview

What are the absolute worst things you can do when interviewing for a job? Read about 10 ways to ruin a job interview at HowStuffWorks. See more »

10 Completely Wrong Ways to Write a Cover Letter

How can you make your cover letter stand out in a good way? Read about 10 completely wrong ways to write a cover letter. See more »