10 Tips for Your Job Search

Searching for a job these days might take a little creativity.
Searching for a job these days might take a little creativity.
Winston Davidian/Photodisc/Getty Images

Do you remember looking for your first job when you were a teenager? Do you remember how easy it was? You'd turn to the classified ads in your hometown newspaper, circle a few possibilities, then show up to each of them in person to fill out applications. Or maybe you'd pop into your favorite stores at the mall and inquire there. Possibly, your parents or another family member got you a part-time job in the mailroom where they work. You never had to fuss with résumés, your lack of job experience wasn't a liability and your salary expectations almost always hovered in the minimum-wage range.

If only job hunting could still be so simple.

Now, your job search is trickier, more sophisticated and highly competitive. You have to be imaginative, savvy and smart to be successful. Just responding to advertisements in the classifieds probably won't land you your dream job -- nor will sending out the same stale résumé to each potential employer. So, unless you want to make job searching your new full-time job, follow these search tips to improve your hunt and land a great new gig in no time.