10 Job Interview Tips

Don't fall prey to common interview pitfalls.
Don't fall prey to common interview pitfalls.
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Unemployment rates have historically risen and fallen, and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in May 2010, there were nearly five candidates for each job opening [source: Bureau of Labor Statistics]. For anyone looking to land a job, that means one thing: competition. Making the most of every job interview is critically important. You need to walk in and give the prospective employer every reason to hire you -- and no reasons not to.

The right experience and a solid résumé are important -- they're probably what got you the interview in the first place. But they're not enough. Employers are looking for somebody who will fit with the company. They want to know that you're compatible with the company culture and have the necessary people skills. They're looking for the qualities that come out only in an interview: enthusiasm, professionalism and the ability to perform under pressure.

Look at every job interview from the employer's point of view. What would you want to know about a candidate? What qualities would you be looking for? What types of things would turn you off about an applicant? What kind of a person would you hire for this position? What questions would you ask, and what answers would you like to hear?

The online job site CareerBuilder.com surveyed 2,700 hiring managers on the performance of candidates during job interviews. They found that many job seekers sabotage their chances of landing a position by making easily avoidable mistakes [source: CareerBuilder]. The good news is that you can put yourself in front of much of the competition by paying attention to some simple advice that will guide you through the interview process.

Read on for 10 tips that can help you shine in your next job interview.