5 Career Planning Tips

Where do you see yourself next year? What about in 5 years? See pictures of corporate life.
Thomas Barwick/Taxi/Getty Images

You're hunched over in your cubicle, pattering away at the keyboard with another deadline looming. You're focused on the task at hand, guzzling coffee by the thermos, and devoting your energy to getting the job done. But when your work is done, how much energy are you devoting to putting your career on the right track?

In the following pages, we offer a set of five tips for planning your career and controlling its trajectory. How do you find a satisfying career path? How do workers get hired at a company that's never posted any listings for open positions? How do you put yourself in the running for a promotion? And what are some warning signs that it's time to move on with your career? Read on for the answers to these questions.