Personal Income Taxes

Taxes are inevitable, but if you are educated, you can soften their impact. Learn about tax and money organization, income taxes and other topics in the Taxes channel.

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How IRS Tax Return Transcripts Work

If you're not the organized type, your tax returns may be languishing in a forgotten file folder in a closet. But never fear — if you need one for a mortgage or loan application and can't find it, the IRS can help you out. Pretty easily, too.

10 Tax Tips for Married Couples

Marriage is the great coming together of two separate lives. You share a home, family ... and tax liability. But along with enjoying the gift registry goodies, newlyweds get a bevy of tax breaks too.

10 Tips to Avoid an IRS Audit

Does the word "audit" give you goose bumps? Fear not: Unless you give the IRS good cause for pause, your chances of an audit are pretty darn low. But no sense toying with fate, we say.

10 Work-related Tax Benefits

Despite sometimes getting a bum rap, the IRS actually offers workers tons of ways to save money or boost bottom line on their tax returns. Sometimes learning these tricks takes time, patience and the ability read legalese, but we've got you covered.

10 Tax Questions You Probably Don't Ask

Sometimes when we need to do important things -- like our taxes -- fear of the unknown can cause uncertainty. Knowledge conquers all. Here are the questions you should be asking to build tax savvy.

How to Calculate Net Operating Loss

Nobody wants their business to operate at a loss. But come tax time, you might at least be able to get some help if your business is in the red.

How to Get a Tax ID Number

Applying for a federal tax ID number couldn't be simpler. All you need is a computer, a telephone or access to a post office.

What’s the ideal tax solution for you?

You might be perfectly fine changing your own oil or sewing your own living room curtains. But what about your taxes? Should that be another DIY project, or should you look for a professional?

Tax Notice vs. IRS Audit

This might be the scariest phrase in the English language: tax audit. But not every missive you receive from the IRS is going to be bad news.

Do I have to pay taxes on unemployment benefits?

Losing your job is extremely tough financially, even with unemployment benefits. Don't get surprised come tax time.

Could income tax be replaced by a consumption-based sales tax?

Sometimes called the Fair Tax, a consumption-based tax is often touted as the answer to the country's tax problems. But could it work?

10 Surprising Tax Preparation Tips

Got your W-2 forms? Check. Your handy calculator? Check. Your favorite tax-prep thinking cap? Check. Don't start crunching numbers just yet. First, check out these essential tax preparation tips.

10 Tax Tips for Dual-status Aliens

Fun fact: It's possible to be both a U.S. resident alien and a U.S. nonresident alien in the same year. Not-so-fun fact: That makes paying U.S. taxes more complicated. If this is you, check out these 10 tax tips.

10 Income Tax Tips for Separated Couples

Everything gets murky for separated couples, especially at tax time. If you're in this confusing phase of life, have a look at these 10 tax tips to remember when filing your income taxes.

10 Tax Tips for People Working and Living in Different States

Modern life can be complicated, particularly at tax time, and especially if you live in one state and work in another. If that's you, here are 10 tax tips to remember when filing.

How to Claim the Adoption Tax Credit

Adopting a child can be extremely expensive. But as newly adoptive parents you're now eligible for certain federal tax credits. Read on to find out how to file.

Clergy Tax Guide

Despite assumptions to the contrary, members of the clergy don't have it easy when it comes to taxes. So what are the complex ins and outs of getting taxed as a religious leader?

How to Calculate Net Income

Confused about why your bi-weekly paycheck is less than your actual salary? It's actually pretty simple. We'll show you how to figure out your "bring-home" pay.

10 Tax Credits for Single Parents

Being a single parent can be tough, but at tax time, the government can actually help ease the burden. Here are 10 ways Uncle Sam can help.

How to Calculate Adjusted Gross Income

Tax day is one day of the year most of us dread. So how can you get your tax bill as low as possible? Making sure all possible deductions are applied to your gross income is one way.

10 Same-sex Marriage Tax Filing Tips

The federal government now recognizes same-sex marriages across the United States. As you and your spouse get ready to send in your tax return, these 10 same-sex marriage tax tips keep in mind.

Can I File Someone Else's Taxes?

Nobody wants to file taxes. But you're actually good at it and don't mind crunching numbers. You're no accountant -- but you help a friend file?

How to Repay the First-time Homebuyer Tax Credit

As a first-time homebuyer, you took advantage of some federal credits back in the late 2000s. The laws on how to pay those back have changed -- are you up to speed on the new requirements?

How much do IRA contributions reduce taxes?

Instead of blithely ignoring retirement plans, you're getting smart this year and contributing to an IRA. How exactly will that move help your taxes?

What can you do to save on income tax payments?

Aside from committing income tax fraud, you'd pretty much do anything to pay less in annual taxes. The good news is there are plenty of ways to reduce your debt to Uncle Sam come April (and all of them are perfectly legal).