Financial Planning

Saving for college, investing in the stock market, online trading, mutual funds for many, these topics are overwhelming. No worries. We'll give you accurate, easy-to-understand information in the Financial Planning section.


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How Stocks and the Stock Market Work

While it can be both volatile and unpredictable, the stock market can be a lucrative source of income for savvy investors. What exactly is the stock market, and where do you get the stocks you need to enter it?

How to Get a Copy Of Your Social Security Card

You lost your wallet and would like to find out how to get a copy of your Social Security card. Read this article to learn how to get a copy of your Social Security card.

How to Set Up a Roth IRA Account

You'd like to set up an IRA and are wondering how to set up a Roth IRA account. Learn about how to set up a Roth IRA account in this article.

How to Apply for Social Security

You are approaching retirement age and you would like to learn how to apply for your Social Security benefits. Read this article and learn about how to apply for Social Security.

How to Minimize Estate Tax

It's well worthwhile knowing how to minimize your estate tax. Learn how to minimize estate tax in this article.

How Exchange-Traded Funds Work

Mutual funds are a wonderful investment, but they can be frustrating at times. Luckily, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) can be traded on the open market like stocks -- but are they as shaky as stocks?

10 Aggressive Investments

If you're young enough to ride the ups and downs of market, some financial advisers recommend you put some of your money in more aggressive investments. But what makes one investment more "aggressive" than another?

Can investments be risk-free?

You want to make money with your investment portfolio, not lose it in the next market crash, right? So are there really any investments that are considered risk-free?

Why would you disclaim a bequest?

Most of us would love a windfall, especially if it means something good can come out of a sad situation. But in fact, there are plenty of reasons to disclaim a bequest. So why would you pass up an inheritance?

What is a trustafarian?

There have always been wealthy kids living off money they've inherited, but a trustafarian is a rich kid like none other. So who are these trustafarians and where did the term come from?

10 Reasons to Disclaim an Inheritance

It may sound crazy, but there are lots of reasons why you might want to give your inheritance a second thought before cashing that check. Why would you disclaim an inheritance?

10 Hobbies That Can Pay Off

Most people take up hobbies for fun, and even ones that seem free (like running and hiking) can turn into a money sink in a hurry. Here are 10 hobbies that can turn into money-makers instead.

Do collections really pay off?

Obviously, there is some money to be made in collectibles. But how much? And is it worth your time and effort?

10 Reasons to Start a Trust

While trust funds, or trusts, may seem the province of the wealthy, there are actually many benefits to creating one, even if you're not a multimillionaire. Read on to learn about all of the advantages.

10 Reasonably Safe Alternative Investments

Alternative investments have become increasingly popular, and they don't have to take the place of the traditional assets in your portfolio. But they do have some drawbacks, so read on and educate yourself before you spend a dime.

How do you invest in gold?

Gold can be a wise way to diversify your investment portfolio. But how do you invest in this precious metal? Is it as simple as walking to the jewelry store and stocking up?

Are you stuck with the health insurance you already have?

What can you do if you're not happy with your health insurance? Are you stuck with it or are there better options available? Find out the answer here.

10 Risky Investments

The idea of risk in investments is largely a matter of perception, but while some investments consistently make money, others stand a greater chance of losing it. What are some of the riskiest investments out there?

10 Ways to Make Money on the Side

With the exception of winning the lottery, making serious money takes time and effort. But there are legitimate ways to make extra cash to supplement your day job income. Check out 10 ways you can moonlight and end up with some dough to show for it.

Can one bad investment wipe out an entire portfolio?

In times like these, when bankers are going to jail and your neighbors are losing their homes, it's human nature to worry about making one wrong move with money. Can one investment mistake ruin you?

10 Things You Should Buy in Bulk

Buying in bulk doesn't always mean you have to buy three gallons of everything to get a good deal. You have to play your cards right if you want to save a bundle. Here are a few things you actually should buy in bulk.

Could investing in a racehorse make you rich?

Think investing in a racehorse is a good bet financially? Think again. Sure it's cheaper than buying a professional sports team, and but it's definitely a gamble that probably won't pay off.

10 Unusual Investments

As the economy sours and investments in stocks, bonds and real estate skid, unusual investments can often net a financial windfall. But do you know which ones are the best bets and how to make money from them?

How Student Loan Co-signing Works

Most graduating high school seniors don't have a credit history. So how do you convince a bank to lend you money for college? You need a co-signer -- and not everyone will lay down their creditworthiness for your cause.

How Mortgage Co-signing Works

Co-signing a mortgage means backing up someone else's promise to make payments for a house. If you're thinking about co-signing for a family member or if you're seeking a co-signer yourself, you should be familiar with the responsibilities.