Financial Planning

Saving for college, investing in the stock market, online trading, mutual funds for many, these topics are overwhelming. No worries. We'll give you accurate, easy-to-understand information in the Financial Planning section.


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Investing Pictures

From learning to invest to protecting yourself in a volatile market, check out this image gallery for the big picture. Learn about investment types, the stock market and learn about a few investing pitfalls.

How Life Insurance Works

Life insurance is associated with pushy salespeople and other unpleasant stuff -- like dying. But how will your children make do if you should die unexpectedly?

Why does the stock market use fractions?

Believe it or not, stock market fractions arose from the way the U.S. dollar measured up to Spanish currency way back in 1792, when the U.S. stock market was created. But what does any of that have to do with fractions?

How do money market accounts work?

Money market accounts are popular because they usually pay higher interest than savings accounts. So what's the catch? Why shouldn't we all open one?

How do mutual funds work?

When you open a mutual fund, you agree to pool your money with other investors for more purchasing power. How do mutual fund companies invest and track your portfolio? And why are mutual funds so popular?

How do stock options work?

Stock options can be beneficial for both employees and employers who provide them. Why do many employees prefer stock options to cold hard cash or better benefits?

What is the Dow Jones Industrial Average?

The Dow Jones is one of several stock market averages designed as a quick and accurate way to measure the well-being of the market. Why do we hear so much about the Dow Jones in the news?

Is marriage a good investment?

You made the vows -- for better or for worse, in sickness and in health -- but you don't remember agreeing to pay higher taxes. How does marriage affect your finances?

How Junk Bonds Work

Cash-strapped companies sometimes ask investors for a loan in the form of a junk bond. Should you include this dubiously named security in your portfolio?

How Wills Work

Your last will and testament is a very important document that ensures your wishes are carried out after you die. Many people think they need to be old, sick or wealthy to need a will. In truth, everyone of legal age should have one.

9 Strange Last Wills and Testaments

Some people use their will as an opportunity to send a message from beyond the grave. Learn about 9 strange last wills and testaments from Harry Houdini, Marie Curie, and more.

9 Odd Things Insured by Lloyds of London

Lloyds of London has been insuring items -- both average and unusual -- for years. Learn about 9 odd things insured by Lloyds of London, including taste buds and a mustache!

Are internships worth it?

Shouldn't a degree be enough to get a job after graduation? And isn't an internship a lot of useless work for little or no pay? Internships, despite little or no pay, are often worth it in the long run if you want to get your foot in the door.

How to Plan a Wedding

So many questions: from the meal (fish, chicken, or beef?) to the wedding gown (low-cut, fitted, or empire-waisted?) to the reception music (live music or DJ?). There will be issues about budgets, guest lists, and styles. Deter stress with these tips.

How Social Security Works

Most Americans are paying in -- will Social Security be paying out? Learn about the wide-reaching Social Security system and about the various propositions on the table for ensuring future stability.