Financial Planning

Saving for college, investing in the stock market, online trading, mutual funds for many, these topics are overwhelming. No worries. We'll give you accurate, easy-to-understand information in the Financial Planning section.

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Shouldn't a degree be enough to get a job after graduation? And isn't an internship a lot of useless work for little or no pay? Internships, despite little or no pay, are often worth it in the long run if you want to get your foot in the door.

By John Fuller

So many questions: from the meal (fish, chicken, or beef?) to the wedding gown (low-cut, fitted, or empire-waisted?) to the reception music (live music or DJ?). There will be issues about budgets, guest lists, and styles. Deter stress with these tips.

Most Americans are paying in -- will Social Security be paying out? Learn about the wide-reaching Social Security system and about the various propositions on the table for ensuring future stability.

By Ed Grabianowski