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Budgeting & Saving

A dollar here, a dollar there ... it all counts. Whether it's learning to drive economically, handling your bonds or building a strategy to be a millionaire, we've got information in our Budgeting channel.

5 Appliances You Should Consider Buying Used

Your washer's on the fritz again, and your toaster oven is, well, toast. Instead of breaking out the big bucks for new appliances, should you opt for a used model? Here are some things to keep in mind when purchasing used appliances.

What's the Least-affordable City for Housing in the World?

This place has been in the top spot for years.

I'll Give You $12.90 for That Sweater — or How Precise Bids Can Pay Off

We all want to get the best price for that sweater, that car, that house. Making a very precise offer of, say, $12.90 as opposed to $10, can help you do that. Sometimes.

The Secret Life of the Gift Card Industry

Starbucks holds as much cash for its customers as a midsize bank does, says the Wall Street Journal. Gift cards have helped the company to build a prepaid empire.

How do you pick the shortest checkout line?

In a hurry? Not so fast, that short checkout line may not actually be the better option.

10 Surprising Bankrupt Athletes

Given the short careers of most pro athletes and their sometimes extravagant lifestyles, it is not shocking that many run out of cash. But some who live relatively modestly still end up with money troubles. Why's that?

10 Quick Ways to Make Money

Every now and then you'd like (or really need) a little extra cash. So how can you scare it up with not too much effort? We've got some smart ways.

Does elementary school math affect how much money you'll make?

Here's one way to motivate your kids to do their math homework: Let them know about this study showing that elementary school math performance affects how much they'll earn later in life.

How to Make Money Without a Job

Having no job doesn't have to equal having no money. There are many ways to make a little cash without having to put in a day's work.

How to Make Money as a Kid

Lemonade stands and paper routes might have worked for your parents, but they're so yesterday. What projects can a kid do now that will earn a nice amount of spending money?

How to Lower the Price of Your Natural Gas Bill

If you're not energy-smart, your natural gas bill could really add up over the cold winter months. Fortunately, there are several ways to keep your natural gas bill low.