Where can you find printable coupons?

If it only it was this easy!
If it only it was this easy!

Some people absolutely refuse to pay more than they have to for the things they want. For them, store coupons are like cold, hard cash. With some coupons, you even get cash back. Those little slips of paper don't clink when you knock them together, but even so, they're like coins at the checkout. Put them together with double coupon days at the market, nationally discounted promotional items or in-store sales, and you get a trunk full of goods at bargain basement prices.

The key to printable coupons is in finding good online sources and staying current with what's out there. This can be a tougher proposition than it sounds. There are hundreds of discount sites that offer printable as well as card-linked coupons (paperless coupons loaded to store cards, smartphones and credit cards). Most also have other services, too, like advanced lists of a retailer's weekly specials. Some of the coupons are site specific, others are manufacturer specific, and still others are retailer specific. That means you may have to go to a manufacturer's site, a national or regional retailer's site, or a couponing site to find the best coupon deal for a product.

There are counterfeit coupon sites out there, too, so you'll want to find reliable resources that provide trouble-free coupons. To make the checkout process easier, scannable coupons that include bar codes are best. Sites that offer them are also more likely to be the real deal. To download this type of coupon, you'll need special printer software on your computer. Most sites that have the coupons also make it easy to download and install the software necessary to print them. You can usually initiate the process with a simple click on the coupon page. The software installation only takes a couple of minutes.

Coupon software may also limit the quantity of a specific coupon you'll be able to print based on the rules of the promotion. This sounds like mean-spirited interference, but it's actually a good thing in disguise. Coupons printed with security software are usually easier to redeem because they result in fewer delays at the checkout. If you've ever been asked to step away from the checkout line to wait for a manager to authorize a questionable coupon -- with all the sighs and eye rolling from other customers, you'll appreciate a downloadable coupon that's reliably hassle free to use.

Now that you know what to be on the lookout for, on the next page we'll tell you where to go to find them.