How to Decorate Your House for the Holidays on a Budget

For some people, the holidays aren't complete without festive decorations. See more Christmas pictures.
Ryan McVay/Digital Vision/Getty Images

For some people, the holidays aren't complete without the festive decorations of the season. Secular or religious, special occasions can feel even more so with the right décor.

Holiday décor, of course, can be a strain on the wallet, especially if you re-decorate more than once a year, and you may think you need to forego the ritual in the interest of your budget. But guess what: Decorating your home in the spirit of the day can cost very little if you put some care and creativity into it.

Care and creativity, by the way, doesn't require a ton of time, of which most of us have little to spare. "Affordable" doesn't have to mean "homemade," so it doesn't have to take hours to save some dough.

Here, some budget-friendly holiday decorating ideas to get you through the season with style, inspiration, beauty and cash in the bank.

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