You put your bank card in, you take your bank card out. Wait for the beep and wave your dollars all about. Seems so easy a kid could do it, but the technology inside is pretty cool. Learn about these automated tellers or how banks work in this Banking & ATM channel

5 Ways to Spot a Hacked ATM

These days ATM skimming is as easy as it looks in the movies -- and it's usually well camouflaged and hard to spot. But armed with some information, you should be able to spot a suspicious ATM when you see one.

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  • Do I really need a bank account?

    Do I really need a bank account?

    If you've been slapped with an overdraft fee greater than your check or debit charge, you may wonder whether you need all your money in the bank. There are options to banking. See more »

  • Dollars and Sense: Bank Challenge Quiz

    Dollars and Sense: Bank Challenge Quiz

    Banks have come under scrutiny with the tumultuous economy -- they do much more than just hold on to your money for you. Take the quiz and see if you know how banks really work. See more »

  • Dollars and Sense: Identity Theft Challenge Quiz

    Dollars and Sense: Identity Theft Challenge Quiz

    Are you at risk of having your identity stolen? Do you know what to do if it happens? Find out how prepared you are to prevent identity theft by taking our quiz. See more »

  • Dollars and Sense: Predatory Lending Quiz

    Dollars and Sense: Predatory Lending Quiz

    Unfortunately, predatory lending is big business. How much do you know about avoiding lenders who want you to promise more than you can pay? Take our Predatory Lending Quiz and find out. See more »

  • Dollars and Sense: Recession Quiz

    Dollars and Sense: Recession Quiz

    Recession is one word you might be tired of hearing -- especially if you have any money in the markets. Just the same, it's still good to know what's what where your wallet is concerned. So put your money where your mouth is, and take this quiz. See more »

  • How ATMs Work

    How ATMs Work

    You can stop at an ATM, push a few buttons, and leave with cash. Learn about the machines that give you money and the network that approves the transactions. See more »

  • How Banks Work

    How Banks Work

    Any time of day, no matter where you are, your money is at your fingertips (and probably earning interest!). Checks, ATMs, electronic transfers -- the modern banking industry makes paying for stuff almost too easy. See more »

  • How Credit Unions Work

    How Credit Unions Work

    Credit unions are not-for-profit institutions that offer many banking services to their members. You may be surprised by who's eligible for membership. See more »

  • How Fraud Prevention Works

    How Fraud Prevention Works

    Ever absentmindedly tossed out a credit card bill or checked your bank balance from a computer at the library? Mistakes like these could pave the way for fraud. See more »

  • How International Banking Works

    How International Banking Works

    You've probably heard of offshore bank accounts and Swiss bank accounts. You may have heard there's great wealth to be found in these foreign bank investments. But what's really so special about these international banking opportunities? See more »

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