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From greenwashing to fair trade to credit card practices, the Money & Ethics Channel explores some of our most complex questions around ethics and economics.

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Someone offers you $20 -- but only if you agree to share it. Your friend has to accept your offer, or neither of you gets a dime. How generous will you be?

By Josh Clark

Corporations, businesses and even governments spend a lot of money to make themselves appear greener in the public eye. But when environmental claims are false or deceptive, it's considered greenwashing. How do you spot the six sins of greenwashing?

By Robert Lamb

What do you pay for bottled water? A buck or two? How about $55? Bling h2o, deemed "designer water" by its founder, has become a new fashion accessory.

By John Fuller


Freegans live off the grid, refusing to buy, work or rent. How do they do it? Dumpster diving. Why do they do it? That's a little more complicated.

By Sarah Dowdey

Proponents of a "fat tax" claim it would help combat obesity. Are they right, or would we still buy just as much junk food as before?

By Jacob Silverman

In a move that has shaken up online-gaming profiteers everywhere, eBay has decided to ban the sale of virtual assets in its marketplace. eBay says it is acting to protect its users and maintain the integrity of the marketplace. But is there a bigger

By Julia Layton

What causes gas prices to fluctuate? We know that an increase in oil prices causes an increase in gas prices, but what exactly causes gas prices to decline?

By Julia Layton


The Freecycle Network hopes to encourage a "worldwide gift economyā€¯ by connecting individuals locally who want to exchange goods. Explore how the Freecycle network aims to reduce landfill waste and decrease consumerism.

By Julia Layton