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Auto Insurance

With all the choices about deductibles, coverage, liability and more, finding the auto insurance you need can be challenging. The articles in the Auto Insurance section can help you make a smart, informed decision.

How much insurance do you need for an older car?

Your car may have seen better days, but car insurance covers more than the vehicle itself. How can you avoid underinsuring your faithful clunker?

Is your car over-insured?

With all of the different types of car insurance available, it might seem like some are unnecessary. But is that really the case? See more »

How Auto Insurance Companies Work

Here's a concept: You pay a company money to protect you from an accident that may never happen. How do auto insurance companies calculate risk and make money while keeping you from financial ruin? See more »

5 Common Auto Insurance Scams (And How to Avoid Them)

As if the idea of a car accident isn't stressful enough, imagine if that accident were a staged scam. We've listed some of the most common auto insurance cons, along with some advice on how to stay vigilant. See more »

How does the color of your car affect your insurance rate?

Will buying that flashy, red sports car you always wanted hike up your insurance rate, or is that just a myth? Find out what really affects your premium. See more »

Cracks and Chips: Is full glass coverage worth the money?

Driving is fun, but car insurance ... well, not so much. Unfortunately, you have to have it, but do you need the extras? Is it really necessary to buy additional coverage for your windshield and windows? See more »

The truth about rental car insurance: Do you need it or not?

Seasoned travelers once turned their noses up at rental car insurance, but is that such a good idea today? Well ... it depends. See more »

What type of insurance do you need for your classic car?

If you own a classic car, you probably treat it like one of the family -- maybe a little better. But if you're like many other classic car owners, you also put your most precious ride on your regular auto insurance policy. Why is that a bad idea? See more »

What does comprehensive auto insurance cover?

Liability or collision insurance covers car accidents, but what about all the other ways in which a vehicle can be damaged? That's where comprehensive auto insurance comes in. See more »

5 Things You Should Tell Your Insurance Company Immediately After a Crash

You've heard lots of things you shouldn't tell your insurer after a wreck, but what do they need to know to fairly and promptly process your claim? See more »

5 States with Unusually High Auto Insurance Rates

Think your auto insurance is high? It could cost you a lot more if you live in one of these five states. See more »