5 Things You Should Tell Your Insurance Company Immediately After a Crash

It may be your first instinct to call your insurance company right after a wreck, but make sure you have all the facts straight before you call. See more car safety pictures.

If airplanes make you nervous, you've probably heard the statistic from some well-meaning person that you're about 60 times more likely to die in a car accident than a plane crash [source: Bailey]. That's great news if you're about to board a cross-country flight, but it's a little unnerving for daily commuters: At their worst, car accidents can be devastating, and at their best, they're a major and costly inconvenience.

Luckily for all the drivers out there, that's why auto insurance exists: to help alleviate the financial and logistical burdens of an accident. Regardless of the severity of the situation, any time you're involved in a crash, you're required to report it to your auto insurance company -- even if you believe you're not at fault [source: Insure]. While your insurance may cover your medical bills and repairs to your vehicle, the fair and speedy processing of your claim depends on the facts you provide following the accident.

But when exactly should you make that call, and what information should you convey?