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Once upon a time you had to do all banking transactions during bank hours. Not anymore. Today, you can swipe your card and withdraw or deposit cash through the services of an ATM, at any time of day or night. How does it work? Is it safe? Take this quiz and find out.

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The Ultimate Layaway Plan versus Credit Card Quiz

That gorgeous cashmere sweater you got your mother for Christmas may have left you starting the New Year with a credit card bill that is accruing a nasty amount of interest. Not such a fun way to end the festive holiday season! What can you do to avoid digging yourself into debt buying gifts for your friends and family? Take our quiz and learn about an alternative credit option: layaway.

How Dealing With Debt Collectors Works

Dealing with debt collectors is becoming a common experience. But what can you do to avoid debt-collector harassment, short of switching off your phone service or allowing your unread mail to pile up on the kitchen counter?

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