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Economic Concepts

Economic concepts are widely used but not always defined clearly. Read up on the nature of capitalism, learn how much power the Fed really has and more.

What is the Strategic Petroleum Reserve?

I've heard a lot in the news lately about the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. What is the reserve, and how does the United States use the reserve? How much oil is held there, and how can a lot of oil be stored?

The Bootstrap Myth: Climbing the Economic Ladder Takes More Than Hard Work

Succeeding in the U.S. isn't just about effort. Learn how the 'bootstrap myth' oversimplifies economic mobility at HowStuffWorks Now. See more »

Obamacare, Better Economy Causing Baby Boom?

Half of U.S. women ages 15-44 plan to have a baby someday, up from 46 percent in 2002. Learn what may be spurring the baby boom at HowStuffWorks Now. See more »

How the Misery Index Works

Is adding up the inflation and unemployment rates the most effective way to judge our misery? Learn all about the Misery Index at HowStuffWorks. See more »

How the Collaborative Economy Is Changing the World

HowStuffWorks Now interviews two leaders in the sharing economy to learn why consumers are turning into borrowers. See more »

'Free Cash': Experts Divided on Whether Universal Basic Income Could End Poverty

Universal basic income means the government gives everyone a basic amount of money to live. HowStuffWorks Now looks at the pros and cons. See more »

Ontario Considering Guaranteed Basic Income

Ontario is considering piloting a project where all of its citizens are guaranteed a basic income. Learn more at HowStuffWorks Now. See more »

In the Future, Money May Be Redundant (and You May Be, Too)

With enough natural resources, robots and replicators, money could definitely become outdated. Learn about the future of money at HowStuffWorks Now. See more »

How Crowdfunding Works

Crowdfunding sounds like an easy way to raise funds for a project or product. Find out what crowdfunding is really about at HowStuffWorks. See more »

Unexpected Connections: 10 Oddest Economic Indicators

Strange as it seems men's underwear and Champagne can tell you a lot about the economy. Learn about 10 odd indicators at HowStuffWorks. See more »

How the Debt Ceiling Works

What is the debt ceiling, and why has it become so controversial now? Find out how the debt ceiling works at HowStuffWorks. See more »