Business management explores how businesses are run and the issues they face. Whether you're an entrepreneur or are curious about different business models, these articles will answer some of the most common questions about the world of business.

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How Red Barons Antiques Works

Are you a collector of furniture, art or antiques? Even if you're not, you've still got to see everything that's available at Red Baron's Antiques. From floor to ceiling, this auction house is packed with the coolest stuff from every period in history.

How Product Placement Works

TV shows do it. Movie production companies do it. Video games do it. But how much do we unconsciously take in when a brand or product shows up on our screen? Apparently a good deal -- product placement is a growing advertising tactic.

How Promoting an Online Business Works

The virtual marketplace is bursting with business opportunities, but taking advantage of online commerce requires some very particular marketing strategies. Learn how to promote an online business.

How Building a Sales Team Works

If you've got a great product, you're only halfway there. Without a great sales team, your product or service isn't going to make you any money. Find out all about hiring and training a sales force.

How Marketing Plans Work

Marketing plans are a must if you want your product or service to reach a broad audience. Learn about positioning, placement, and everything else that goes into a professional marketing plan.

How Sales Techniques Work

Sales techniques can help you sell more effectively. Explore sales techniques like relationship selling and learn about customer relationship management.

How Business Plans Work

Now that you've decided you want to start your own business, you need to figure out a play of how to cover all of your bases before you take the plunge. A good business plan can help you organize your new business. Find out how to create a business plan.

How Customer Service Works

How do you make the customers feel like they are always right, and keep your employees sane and productive? Read on to find out what goes in to successful customer service operations.

How Market Research Works

In the business world, knowing your target market is crucial to success. Any time you introduce a new product or service, how do you know anyone is going to buy it? Learn all about market research.

How Start-up Capital Works

When you're starting a business, capital is the long and short of it. You've got to spend money to make money, but before you can spend it you have to acquire it.

How Hiring Works

In this article, we'll investigate what it really takes to hire the right person for the job. We'll take you through the steps of the hiring process and explain some of the decisions you'll make along the way.

How Finding Office Space Works

A freelancer in need of creative space? The boss of a new business? Either way, you need of place to put your desk.

How Business Ideas Work

Business ideas require a great deal of planning in order to bring them to life. Do you know what it takes to start a successful business? Learn about business ideas and how to turn a business idea into a working business.

How Trade Shows Work

In this article, we'll take a look at why trade shows are so effective, how to select the best shows, and how to manage the process from start to finish. We'll also provide tips, checklists and web links that will make your job a heck of a lot easier.

How Creating an Online Business Works

What does it take to put together a nice and effective e-commerce website? Is it a lot of money? Sometimes. Is it a lot of skill? Many times. Is it a lot common sense and patience? Always!

How Building a Business Identity Works

A consistent visual image and a strong brand identity tell customers what you do, who you are and what kind of business culture you have, all of which are vital in today's congested marketplace.

How Employee Compensation Works

There’s no company without employees. How can you attract the best job candidates? Offer the best compensation and benefits package, of course. Find out how to set up an effective reward system.

How Business Accounting Works

Running your own business is not a simple task, and perhaps one of the most difficult parts is dealing with the finances -- money coming in, money going out... Find out all about small business accounting.

How Business Legal Structures Work

C-corporations, S-corporations, limited liability companies, sole proprietorships, partnerships... These are just a few of the legal structures utilized in the business world, and each one has different legal and financial ramifications.

How Franchising Works

Want to be your own boss? Franchising gives you the opportunity to own your own business while skipping some of the more detailed steps. Learn all about franchising and how you can become an owner.

How Pawnshops Work

Need a fast loan? Want to buy a TV for next to nothing? The pawnshop's the place, and what goes on in the storefront is only half the story.

How Affiliate Programs Work

If you have your own Web site, affiliate programs can be a great way to earn some extra money or advertise your site. Learn how affiliate networks and affiliate programs work.

How does venture capital work?

Venture capital is the first step to setting up a new business. Learn about venture capital and how to acquire it.

How Ad Slogans Work

Think you're immune to ad slogans? Maybe, maybe not. Advertisers use plenty of tactics to keep that slogan running through your head.