Business management explores how businesses are run and the issues they face. Whether you're an entrepreneur or are curious about different business models, these articles will answer some of the most common questions about the world of business.

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AT&T's story is one of innovation, conquest, endurance and revival. Since its birth in 1876, AT&T started a communications revolution, established an invincible monopoly, was dismantled by the government and rose again as a major player in a new era of digital communications.

By John Postley

Learn the key reasons that Walmart has been able to keep its prices low -- cutting-edge technology, a frugal corporate culture and a push to make suppliers sell merchandise at cheaper and cheaper prices.

By Caroline Wilbert

The story of is an e-commerce dream. Find out what Amazon does, what makes it different from other e-commerce Web sites and how its technology infrastructure supports its multi-pronged approach to online sales.

By Julia Layton


The simple idea behind PayPal, using encryption software to allow people to make financial transfers between computers, has turned into one of the world's primary methods of online payment.

By Ed Grabianowski, Chris Pollette & Stephanie Crawford

MapQuest was a household name in mapping technology, but it was later eclipsed by Google Maps and other technology. What is MapQuest up to now?

By Dave Roos

Teleconferencing lets large companies work more effectively. Learn different ways of teleconferencing, the equipment you need and read teleconferencing reviews.

Some of my employees are starting to work from home. What are some effective communication tools for keeping them in touch with the office?


Conference calls connect large groups of people all throughout the world. They can help expedite business travel and offer a forum for group discussion. Learn all about how conference calls work in this article.

Interactive presentations are the norm in today's business world. Web conferencing allows you to be on a conference call while simultaneously giving a presentation. Learn all about how web conferences work in this article.

Voice over IP audio conferences allow you to enjoy the benefits of VoIP and allow the connectivity of conference calls. Learn all about Voice over IP audio conferences in this article.

Beyond putting words on the page, the self-publisher controls every aspect of authoring -- he or she creates the physical book and actively brings it to an audience. It's a uniquely harmonious and satisfying melding of art and business.

By Tom Harris


Are you a collector of furniture, art or antiques? Even if you're not, you've still got to see everything that's available at Red Baron's Antiques. From floor to ceiling, this auction house is packed with the coolest stuff from every period in history.

By Elizabeth Nixon

TV shows do it. Movie production companies do it. Video games do it. But how much do we unconsciously take in when a brand or product shows up on our screen? Apparently a good deal -- product placement is a growing advertising tactic.

By Katherine Neer

The virtual marketplace is bursting with business opportunities, but taking advantage of online commerce requires some very particular marketing strategies. Learn how to promote an online business.

By Lee Ann Obringer

If you've got a great product, you're only halfway there. Without a great sales team, your product or service isn't going to make you any money. Find out all about hiring and training a sales force.

By Lee Ann Obringer


Marketing plans are a must if you want your product or service to reach a broad audience. Learn about positioning, placement, and everything else that goes into a professional marketing plan.

By Lee Ann Obringer

Sales techniques can help you sell more effectively. Explore sales techniques like relationship selling and learn about customer relationship management.

By Lee Ann Obringer

Now that you've decided you want to start your own business, you need to figure out a play of how to cover all of your bases before you take the plunge. A good business plan can help you organize your new business. Find out how to create a business plan.

By Lee Ann Obringer

How do you make the customers feel like they are always right, and keep your employees sane and productive? Read on to find out what goes in to successful customer service operations.

By Susan Gladin


In the business world, knowing your target market is crucial to success. Any time you introduce a new product or service, how do you know anyone is going to buy it? Learn all about market research.

By Marshall Brain

When you're starting a business, capital is the long and short of it. You've got to spend money to make money, but before you can spend it you have to acquire it.

By Lee Ann Obringer

In this article, we'll investigate what it really takes to hire the right person for the job. We'll take you through the steps of the hiring process and explain some of the decisions you'll make along the way.

By Lee Ann Obringer

A freelancer in need of creative space? The boss of a new business? Either way, you need of place to put your desk.

By Lee Ann Obringer


Business ideas require a great deal of planning in order to bring them to life. Do you know what it takes to start a successful business? Learn about business ideas and how to turn a business idea into a working business.

By Lee Ann Obringer

In this article, we'll take a look at why trade shows are so effective, how to select the best shows, and how to manage the process from start to finish. We'll also provide tips, checklists and web links that will make your job a heck of a lot easier.

By Lee Ann Obringer