Professional development isn't usually required by employers but it almost always helps to push your career in the right direction. In this section we'll examine everything to do with professional development.

How Professional Development Programs Work

Professional development isn't usually required, but it can help you hone your skills and become more competitive in the job market. What program options are there for professional development?

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  • 10 Networking Tips for People Who Hate Networking

    10 Networking Tips for People Who Hate Networking

    Hate the idea of sheepishly handing out business cards to strangers while "selling yourself”? Try these tips for easing the pain. See more »

  • 5 Tips for Unconventional Job Development

    5 Tips for Unconventional Job Development

    When the job market gets tough, job hunters get creative -- because they have to be. It helps to think outside the box in a tight market, so here are five unusual ways to get noticed. See more »

  • How Business Mentors Work

    How Business Mentors Work

    If you think that entrepreneurship is a one-man show, think again. Even the most successful CEOs had some help on his or her way to the top. Everyone needs a sounding board and confidante in the business world -- and that's just what a mentor provides. See more »

  • How Business Networking Works

    How Business Networking Works

    Is business networking modern man's greatest invention? That may be a stretch, but everyone agrees that it's the greatest career tool to come along in quite some time. But how do people in the business world use it effectively? See more »

  • How Career Tests Work

    How Career Tests Work

    Whether you're still a student or an adult searching for a new path, you may have problems figuring out what your career plans are. Do you go for the money or follow your bliss? Career tests help you decide -- or help you discover a new path entirely. See more »

  • How Continuing Education Works

    How Continuing Education Works

    When you hear that somebody's headed back to school, do you get visions of Rodney Dangerfield breaking out his "Triple Lindy" diving technique at the college swim meet? Don't be fooled -- almost 45 percent of Americans participate in continuing education each year. See more »

  • How Cost of Living Raises Work

    How Cost of Living Raises Work

    What hard-working employee doesn't like a refreshing COLA every now and then? But we're not talking about soda pop. Cold, hard cash trumps a cool, break-time soft drink when these "cost-of-living adjustments" put some change in your pocket to help wash down the rising expenses of day-to-day life. See more »

  • How Leadership Training Works

    How Leadership Training Works

    Are all great leaders born, or do they learn on the job? Many organizations are turning to leadership training to help foster best practices among management -- how can a program help you stand out? See more »

  • How Management Training Works

    How Management Training Works

    Here's something you probably already suspected: Your boss didn't necessarily get to be a manager by being the best. Today, many companies hire prospects who fit into their system, then arm them with the tools to succeed. Think you have what it takes? See more »

  • How Professional Development for Teachers Works

    How Professional Development for Teachers Works

    From learning new skills to boosting salaries, there are plenty of reasons for teachers to invest in professional development. What kinds of training options are out there, and how do they differ from state to state? See more »

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