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How Prenuptial Agreements Work

Most engaged couples believe that their marriage will last "until death do us part." But with two out of every five marriages resulting in divorce, some couples decide that the best way to be prepared for any eventuality is to draw up a prenuptial agreement.

How Putting Together an Emergency Fund Works

Losing a job can put a person in the poor house. An emergency fund can prepare you for a disaster, keep you out of financial hot water, and get you back on your feet sooner.

How the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Works

Sometimes, try as you might, the bills just don't get paid on time, and debt collectors come knocking. That's when you need to know your rights.

How Fraud Prevention Works

Ever absentmindedly tossed out a credit card bill or checked your bank balance from a computer at the library? Mistakes like these could pave the way for fraud.

How the Uniform Debt Management Services Act Works

Credit counseling and debt settlement services are supposed to help you conquer debt. Who makes sure they look after you like they should?

How Estate Planning Works

No one likes to think about their own death. It would be nice if we could live as if we were immortal, never having to worry about what will happen after we're gone. But death is inevitable, and we all need to plan for it.

How Treasury Bills Work

Treasury bills are a low-risk investment -- and you don't need a lot of money to get started. How does the U.S. government use these bills to manage its debt?

How Debit Cards Work

Using a debit card is convenient but also comes with a certain amount of risk. What's the best way to protect yourself and keep an eye on your money?

How Online Savings Accounts Work

How much money are you making on your savings? If you've got a traditional savings account, you could be making a lot more online. What's the catch?

How Consumer Credit Counseling Works

If you're trying to work your way out of debt, consumer credit counseling might be a good step to take. What happens during, and after, the counseling session?

Debt Pictures

Your personal debt may seem like an enormous burden, but these pictures will help put it into perspective and remind you that even entire nations struggle to maintain a balanced budget.

Investing Pictures

From learning to invest to protecting yourself in a volatile market, check out this image gallery for the big picture. Learn about investment types, the stock market and learn about a few investing pitfalls.

How International Banking Works

You've probably heard of offshore bank accounts and Swiss bank accounts. You may have heard there's great wealth to be found in these foreign bank investments. But what's really so special about these international banking opportunities?

How Mobile Banking Works

TV ads show people happily banking away when they're nowhere near a bank, using just their cell phones. What technology lies at the heart of this modern convenience?

How the 2008 Tax Rebates Work

In 2008, President Bush signed the Economic Stimulus Act, which will gave more than 130 million households a rebate from their 2007 tax returns. What are the rules for this type of tax rebate?

How Inheritance Tax Works

Death tax. Estate tax. Inheritance tax. They all mean the same thing: The government imposes a tax on a grieving heir for any money they receive from the deceased. What is the tax that is levied, and how much will this tax cost you?

How Life Insurance Works

Life insurance is associated with pushy salespeople and other unpleasant stuff -- like dying. But how will your children make do if you should die unexpectedly?

How Roth IRAs Work

What's the rave about Roth IRA? How much money do I need to open an IRA? When can I open a Roth IRA?

Why does the stock market use fractions?

Believe it or not, stock market fractions arose from the way the U.S. dollar measured up to Spanish currency way back in 1792, when the U.S. stock market was created. But what does any of that have to do with fractions?

When I pay for my groceries by check, where does that check go?

Checks are processed in a variety of ways. What happens to your check or checking account when you pay by check at the grocery store, online, or through PayPal?

How do savings accounts work?

Basically, a savings account is a way for your money to earn money. That may be a bit simplistic, but in this article we'll dig deeper and help you determine how to save and decide which accounts are the best fit for your lifestyle.

How does a magnetic stripe on the back of a credit card work?

When you swipe your credit or debit card through a reader, you start a process that involves the store you're at, your bank and ultimately your financial well-being. How does that little stripe send so many messages?

What are the differences between the various chapters of bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy chapters can be really confusing -- there are specific chapters for both business and personal filing. What do they all mean?

How do money market accounts work?

Money market accounts are popular because they usually pay higher interest than savings accounts. So what's the catch? Why shouldn't we all open one?

How do mutual funds work?

When you open a mutual fund, you agree to pool your money with other investors for more purchasing power. How do mutual fund companies invest and track your portfolio? And why are mutual funds so popular?