Business Communications

Communication is a crucial part of business: you can't work effectively without exchanging information with colleagues and potential partners. From conference calling to the best way to build a sales team, get the business savvy you need with these articles.


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How Video Conferencing Security Works

Video conferencing security is vital to your video conferencing experience. Learn how to safeguard your data and information in this article.

How Online Surveys Work

Online surveys are a cheap, fast way to do targeted market research. Find out how to improve your business with this simple, effective technology.

How Crisis Communication Plans Work

It takes one poorly handled public relations crisis to ruin an organization's reputation. Find out how to plan and execute crisis communication plans.

How Press Conferences Work

A well-planned, well-run press conference can be the key to winning positive media attention. Learn how to organize a press conference.

How Social Networking Works

Technology expands and enriches our personal and professional relationships. Learn how networking works, from business events to online sites.

How Public Relations Works

Public relations professionals are charged with making people, governments and organizations look good. Learn the tools of the trade.

How Press Releases Work

Press releases are the most widely used tool of the public relations professionals. Find out how to write and distribute effective press releases.

How Reservation Confirmations Work

Automated reservation confirmations have become an important link. Find out how these simple electronic notifications can save you time.

How Conferencing Works

Conferencing technology brings the people you need into the same virtual room. Find out how telephone, Web and video conferencing can work for you.

How Focus Groups Work

Whether deciding on a new product or changing an existing one, many marketers rely on focus groups. Learn how focus groups work.

How Disaster Recovery Plans Work

You never know when a disaster can strike your home or business. Learn how disaster recovery plans can help you be prepared for a disaster.

How Web Seminars Work

Web seminars lower the cost and time needed to conduct sales presentation, employee training and town hall meetings. Learn how web seminars work.

How Teleconferencing Works

Teleconferencing lets large companies work more effectively. Learn different ways of teleconferencing, the equipment you need and read teleconferencing reviews.

What are some effective communication tools for keeping employees in touch with the office?

Some of my employees are starting to work from home. What are some effective communication tools for keeping them in touch with the office?

How do conference calls work?

Conference calls connect large groups of people all throughout the world. They can help expedite business travel and offer a forum for group discussion. Learn all about how conference calls work in this article.

How do web conferencing programs work?

Interactive presentations are the norm in today's business world. Web conferencing allows you to be on a conference call while simultaneously giving a presentation. Learn all about how web conferences work in this article.

How do Voice over IP audio conferences work?

Voice over IP audio conferences allow you to enjoy the benefits of VoIP and allow the connectivity of conference calls. Learn all about Voice over IP audio conferences in this article.

How Building a Sales Team Works

If you've got a great product, you're only halfway there. Without a great sales team, your product or service isn't going to make you any money. Find out all about hiring and training a sales force.

How Sales Techniques Work

Sales techniques can help you sell more effectively. Explore sales techniques like relationship selling and learn about customer relationship management.