Save or Splurge: 10 Suggestions on What's Worth the Spend When You're on Vacation

Famous Landmarks Image Gallery Travelers are more willing to spend these days, but a week in Paris is going to still require some frugal choices. See more pictures of famous landmarks.

In 2009, it was all about the "staycation" -- foregoing expensive travel and enjoying vacation time at home. Just a year later, travelers are back in the game, willing to spend some cash to get the heck outta town. Economic situations seem to be better.

Few of us, however, are rolling in it. For most of the regular people out there, all-out, splurging vacations are still beyond reach. Going away means making some choices. But it doesn't have to mean giving up all good things. It's simply a matter of knowing what's worth the money.

Here, 10 ways to get the most out of your vacation budget without missing out on the good stuff.

Up first, an indication of the changing times: Save by going it alone.