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Volunteer Organizations

Volunteer organizations exist to help the earth, animals and the less fortunate. Volunteer organizations can always use extra hands so check out these articles from HowStuffWorks to learn about some great volunteer organizations.

How Animal Rescue Organizations Work

There are animals everywhere -- whether they're being abused, exploited or neglected -- that need to be saved. Animal rescue organizations help the helpless and find them loving homes.

How Food Banks Work

As you peruse TLC Cooking to pick out dinner for tonight, there are many men and women out there who wonder if they will have any food at all to serve their families. This is where food banks come into play -- and they need your help. See more »

How the Association of Junior Leagues International Works

Many of us associate the Junior League with high-society refinement, but these women are right in the thick of volunteerism. A legacy steeped in myth and some famous members make the Junior League a fascinating organization. See more »

How Works is a new, federally sponsored online resource for volunteers across America. To find volunteer opportunities all over the country, all you have to do is enter your zip code. See more »

How the Student Conservation Association Works

Are you interested in helping preserve the environment, but you're not quite sure how or where to get started? The Student Conservation Association offers hundreds of conservation service opportunities to high school and college students. See more »

How the Points of Light Institute Works

Points of Light Institute, a national service organization, unites thousands of volunteers and hundreds of programs to provide support for nonprofit groups and service opportunities for volunteers. Are you ready to give back? See more »

Doctors Without Borders brings highly trained medical personnel to people in need of their expertise. Now, a new organization aims to do the same with scientific minds and resources. See more »

How Doctors Without Borders Works

Being a doctor is no easy task -- someone with an M.D. behind his or her name has survived several years of rigorous training and schooling. But only a few sign up to work in a war zone. See more »

How Health Volunteers Overseas Works

Instead of just spending their time in developing countries treating patients, why can't doctors train local medical personnel? That's the idea behind Health Volunteers Overseas. See more »

How Project C.U.R.E. Works

If there's one thing the developing world (and war-torn countries) need, it's medical supplies -- surgical gloves, needles, heart monitors. So who gets it to them? Project C.U.R.E. See more »

How Project HOPE Works

Project HOPE started in an old Navy medical vessel and grew into an international health aid organization that has saved millions of lives and has trained millions more to do the same. See more »