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Volunteer Organizations

Volunteer organizations exist to help the earth, animals and the less fortunate. Volunteer organizations can always use extra hands so check out these articles from HowStuffWorks to learn about some great volunteer organizations.

How Animal Rescue Organizations Work

There are animals everywhere -- whether they're being abused, exploited or neglected -- that need to be saved. Animal rescue organizations help the helpless and find them loving homes.

How Food Banks Work

Food banks serve to help those who can't afford enough to eat. Check out this article about food banks and see how you can help. See more »

How the Association of Junior Leagues International Works

The Junior League has a strong legacy of volunteerism among the upper class. Learn about the activities of the Junior League and how it was founded. See more »

How Works is a new online resource for volunteers across America. Read about the creation of and how it helps volunteers and nonprofits. See more »

How the Student Conservation Association Works

The Student Conservation Association partners high school students with environmental organizations. Read about the Student Conservation Association. See more »

How the Points of Light Institute Works

The Points of Light Institute unites volunteers and programs to provide support for nonprofit groups. Learn how the Points of Light Institute works. See more »

Scientists Without Borders aims to solve practical problems in the developing world. Read about the formation and mission of Scientists Without Borders. See more »

How Doctors Without Borders Works

Doctors Without Borders provides medical help to war-torn or other devastated areas. Learn what it takes to work with Doctors Without Borders. See more »

How Health Volunteers Overseas Works

Health Volunteers Overseas focuses on training medical personnel in developing nations. Learn about volunteering with Health Volunteers Overseas. See more »

How Project C.U.R.E. Works

Project C.U.R.E donates medical supplies to developing countries. Learn Project C.U.R.E works and how you can get involved. See more »

How Project HOPE Works

Project HOPE is an international health aid organization that has saved millions. Learn more about Project HOPE at HowStuffWorks. See more »