Most people spend anywhere from 20 to 80 hours every week on the job. That's a huge chunk of your time -- so it's a good idea to know what's going on in the world of work.

Have you ever thought "If only I could get paid for this," as you cruise around happily on a gorgeous summer day? Well, it's possible — but the reality is a lot different than the daydream.

The world is filled with an endless variety of weird and wonderful jobs that have never appeared on a career survey. Animal chiropractor for poodles (and other pets) is but one.

They’re the stuff of fairy tale and animation legend, and even faux documentaries. But some people make a living – and a lifestyle – as merfolk.

There are actually people who consider participating in clinical trials their career. Is it really that lucrative to be a human test subject?

Some jobs are fun. Some jobs pay well. But is it possible to make money doing a job that you truly love?

Typically, when we imagine our kids getting jobs, they're adults. For a few lucky toddlers, however, the workforce comes calling early. Who better to test toys and games than the kids who love them?

The medical field isn't all doctors and nurses. There's a wide range of occupations focused on health, and some of them need the talents of musicians and artists.

Get a gig as an astrobiologist and you might find yourself analyzing space-telescope images or data from a Mars-orbiting satellite as you sip your morning coffee. Pretty cool, huh?

Some people hand in a resignation letter, others just clear out their desks. But a few people make a more colorful exit, maybe incorporating a band, a video or even a decorated cake. Here's our list of the best resignations.

If your daily commute takes you from the bedroom to the dining room, chances are you work from home. (Or are unemployed). But working from home is not always the dream the average cubicle dweller might think it is. We have 10 tips to make it better.

Oh life, full of things you're supposed to do, like go to college, get married, have kids, buy a house. But most everyone who's done these things can find some downsides. Which decisions are most overrated and why?

Whether it's due to possible layoffs, the loss of a big account or even an atmosphere of gossip, staying positive at work can be tricky. The solution? Become an optimist.

What to do about the workplace brownnoser? Exclude and bad-mouth? Seethe in silence? Turns out if you can figure out the sycophant, you have a better chance of addressing the annoyance.

Our primary energy supply, fossil fuels, is even more unstable than some of us thought. Fossil fuels are finite and frighteningly subject to market, political and geological trends.

Acknowledging the significant role men play -- or perhaps should play -- in childcare and family life, several countries now have government-mandated paternity leave policies. Which locales make life easiest for new dads?

To work or not to work? That question has evolved into a guilt-inducing, tension-provoking division among mothers, continually rehashed in venues from the playground to congressional hearings. When it comes down to it, which moms are really happiest?

Work from your home, the coffee shop or the park. Learn more about how to find a telecommuting job.

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Working with children and teens can be difficult, but satisfaction and fulfillment come in many forms when you're shaping young lives. Here are five jobs for those up to the challenge.

your very favorite activity. Maybe you love to knit or sew. Maybe you're obsessed with movies or theater. But can you turn your passion into a career?

Most of us spend 25 percent of our lives at work, so it should be something we love doing. Here are five tips on how to find that job you love.

If you're living off of a trust fund and you don't need much of a paycheck, what fun job should you have to pass the time?

Leaving a job can be one of the most stressful occasions in your working life, but some situations make it almost mandatory for a career-minded person to make a change. What are some of the best reasons to switch to a new job?

You're a seasoned professional with scads of experience, but suddenly, you're longing to try out something new. Can you make a mid-life career change successfully?

You're mid-life and forced to change careers because of the economy. But who's got the money to pay for the new training you'll need for that?