10 Jobs You Can Do in Your Jammies

Have jammies, have a job! There are many jobs you can do in your pajamas -- and not all of them are home-based. Peter Dresel/Getty Images

It's the Monday morning fantasy of every working stiff on the planet. Instead of crawling out of bed at an ungodly hour, showering and getting dressed in your office best, you get paid to stay in your sweet holiday-themed Hoodie-Footie jammies all day!

Since the glorious birth of the Internet, websites have been selling us on the idea of shopping in our underwear, banking in our underwear, renting videos in our underwear and even working in our underwear. Frankly, that's just gross. The civilized slob knows that nothing says "trust me, I'm a professional" like a classy pair of PJs.

Sure, there are plenty of normal jobs that you can do from home in various stages of undress — Web developing, medical transcription, freelance writing — but we set out to find jobs that actually allow you to step out in public wearing nothing more than your pajamas.

Keep reading for our list of 10 unbelievable — literally, you won't believe us — jobs that you can really do in your jammies.